Thursday, April 8, 2010

I make it rain

And I'm not Lil Wayne either. My super powers to create precipitation rest solely on my ability to schedule a riding lesson. A few weeks ago, I decided that while I adore Becky A. and Applewood Farm, that perhaps I was more of a hindrance to her than anything else and scheduling was becoming too much of a bear to attempt to establish a trainer/student relationship. I began an internet scavenger hunt to find a trainer that:
A.) had a positive reputation
B.) trained successful hunter/jumpers
C.) was located within a 45 minute drive from my home/work
D.) was accepting new clients
E.) allowed me to ride "lesson horses"
F.) could teach in the evenings or on weekends

Is that too much to ask? Apparently, yes, yes it is. I received ONE response from my search. After approximately 2 weeks, she and I were able to schedule a trial lesson and today was the day. After about a week of hot and dry days (and a subsequent pollen assault) the world apparently rallied to pray for rain. They got their wish and it is currently sprinkling while threatening to thunder storm. I have yet to call and see if it is raining 45 minutes east of here (where her barn is ever so conveniently located). I think I will call in about ten minutes. I am praying that she has an indoor of which I am currently unaware. I wouldn't be so disappointed if this didn't happen EVERY TIME I schedule a lesson and if it didn't take 3 weeks to find a free day in my schedule that coincides with a free day in a trainer's... I am really thinking that the fates would rather me take up table tennis or air hockey at this point, because riding lately, has become more of a struggle than I had ever imagined.


  1. I hope your lesson didn't get rained out, but we SO need the rain to wash this pollen away. Was there an indoor arena? I hope so. It didn't start raining here in the Triangle until about 9pm, so maybe it held off for you!

    It is difficult to find a trainer... I went through 2 before settling on the one I had prior to my horse's injury, and she wasn't even what I wanted.

  2. Did you get to have your lesson? I hope so!