Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Curse You Horseloverz.com

for your $5 sale....

Round 1:
Horseloverz: 1  Rachel's Credit Card: 0


TuffRider Grippy Grain Half Chaps: $31.95
Because my current 1/2 chaps go all the way down to the heel and I end up having to ride in my tall boots because I need to wear little nubby spurs.

Centaur Crochet Ear Nets in Fashion Colors: $5.00
Bc Mr. Sensitive shakes his wittle head whenever there are flys buzzing around.

Got Flies Super Duty Mask: $27.00
BC those MFers are horrible in the pasture and they eat my baby alive-- Momma is bringing out the BIG GUNS-- now what flies? Now what?

TuffRider Basic All Purpose Pad: $15.95
We have one ancient pad that is falling apart and one pretty monogrammed white one-- it was time for something in the middle.

Roma Nylon Saddle Cover: $7.20
Two saddles, one cover. 'nuff said.

Centaur Helmet Bag: $13.50
I love my fairly inexpensive IRH, and I would like to keep it around for a while-- probably not going to happen with it shoved in MY tack box.

FREE SOCKS with Qualifying Boot or Breeches - Assorted - Adult
gee thanks.


  1. yeah!!! curse them! $5 adds up... but don't you need like... all of it??

  2. You uh... did not need to show me that. I love ear nets (as does Izzy) and I'm a sucker for saddle pads. Nuts...

  3. ARAGH!!! My bank account is mad at you for posting that. :-)

  4. Oh yeah and don't forget the free shipping code: BBGZDTG6.
    I gots some socks, a fly bonnet and a new whip for $14.99. BAM!

  5. I've cursed HorseLoverz many a time.

  6. I've never seen this website before. I've been missing out!

    Ohhh... If only they didn't have dog stuff in the mix of $5 stuff... That would make resisting this so much easier... I don't have a horse but I do have a dog.

  7. Karen: I didn't know there was a free shipping code! That would have saved me like $16! RATS!

    Sorry everyone. And my apologies to your bank accounts as well. I am experiencing some serious buyers remorse right now!

  8. I'm sure you'll be over the remorse when the stuff arrives. I always am. ;-)

  9. Rachel, you are the devil. I have a recent fly bonnet obsession. He doesn't need another one, but NOW I have to buy one. Sigh. I like those half chaps too.... I suppose a little browsing is okay right...?

  10. Sprinkler: I'll let you know when it arrives and I realize that I'm still 3 weeks shy of pay day ;)

    Marissa: Browse at your own risk. There are MANY fly bonnets from which you may choose....

  11. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who spends waaaay too much money with Horseloverz. My only complaint is that after a buying spree, I wait 2-3 weeks to find out half of it was out of stock and being refunded. But hey, refunds means I can get more!!!

  12. I just bought most of this gear online for my horse too. In addition to all of this I ended up getting a kensington horse blanket. I guess you could say my horse is a little bit spoiled.