Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Highland Games...

I forgot to share with you all the pictures of my weekend adventure. TK took great care of me and despite the lack of running water, I survived. I even had fun. It was a VERY interesting experience to say the least.

The Mountain and MaCrea Meadows where the games are held

TK's family Clan

Caber Toss (my back says OUCH)

Little Bit O Kilted Tug O War action: My man's team took Gold.

Me and the Kilted bf (hehe, bf!!!, yay)

The entire camping crew (Clan MacRowdy?)

My Souvenir thanks to TK's sister and Mom.

You can see 3 states from this point!

In depressing news. Granite is not doing well. I don't think I'm really ready to blog about it, but I will say that in the two weeks that I have taken over riding him I have seen a sharp decline in responsiveness. He is showing extreme resistance (see my Meltdown post) and it is getting worse not better. I had a lesson with Becky last night and she says this is not good and shes very glad I called her. It appears to be my fault for a multitude of reasons (I'll share them with you when I've had a chance to process them myself). I cried leaving the barn yesterday of sadness and disappointment. I chased the tears with some Whiskey on the Rocks; and I've yet to really let myself think about the situation. I'm going to try to ride tonight after my work meeting. I'm not excited about it. I have another lesson scheduled for next week. I will try to blog about it in the next few days when I've had a chance to decompress. 


  1. Looks like a fun group! You guys are very cute! ;)

    About Granite- I know I have never met either of you but I can only share the feelings I had in the first few months with Bodhi. It had some extreme ups and downs. Sometime babies break down, don't blame it all on yourself. It may be something you are doing but you can fix it. He is not broken. Babies are resilient! Check your saddle, and then get with your trainer. I have faith that this will just be a minor kink in your progress! ;)

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your frustrations ... *hugs*. I've been there. Remind yourself that this type of thing is SO NORMAL with young and green horses. They go through phases when they will test you, then they'll be angels ... then teenagers ... try not to beat yourself up for it. Easier said than done though.

  3. Very sorry as well to hear about your problems with Granite, but everyone is right, you will get through this...and thank goodness you have someone there to help you! Side note...LOVE your souvenir!

  4. The Clan looks like a fun group, and it sounds like you had a great time!!! Love the kilt beer coozie (not sure how to spell coozie - koozy??).

    I am so so so sooo sorry to hear about your downhill turn with Granite. I know how incredibly devastating that is. Keep your chin up, I know in the end, things will be ok. (I know that's not comforting, but seriously, hang in there) - you may find that next week, things are good again. G man is just a youngin' and he still has a long way to go before he's a finsihed horse.

  5. The Clan looks like my kind of people! Your bf is very handsome. ;-)

    I am positive that things will work out with Granite. You are both getting to know each other all over again under different circumstances. Don't be too hard on yourself. I am sending you a virtual hug.

  6. Hang in there. Starting a young horse is always going to have it's ups and it's downs. Don't be so hard on yourself. So many people hit those "downs" and don't bother to seek help, out of pride, or stupidity- clearly you're dealing with it and getting whatever help you need to get it fixed, so kudos to you.

  7. I know it's hard with young horses. When I started Izzy last year, I hadn't ridden regularly since I started college (so 3-4 years) and she knew absolutely nothing. We had lots of setbacks that could have been avoided if I was more experienced, but she's doing all right. Hang in there. You're not a professional trainer and you're going to make mistakes. The good news is that Granite is a great guy and he'll work things out with you.

    Beyond that, your weekend looked amazing! Glad you're having some fun.

  8. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement everyone. I haven't been to the barn since my lesson on Tuesday. I've been working-- but I'm not sure I would have really wanted to go regardless... which sucks.

    I plan to go ride tomorrow and Sunday in addition to monday and my lesson is on Tuesday. Pray for some progress...