Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A little Update

Hey ya'll!
Long time, no post. Apologies. You know how life continues to get in the way...

So I talked to ya'll last week after my last lesson. I haven't had another one yet. BUT I did have another ride.
I rode on Saturday morning with Eva. We both has pretty decent rides (after a bout of unpleasant ones). My trot transition was back to where it had once been. The key is to be VERY light and just barely bump him and think 'trot'. Then like magic, he does it! We didn't try the canter (at this point-- I want Becky by my side when we venture into major meltdown territory), but we had a very forward trot with which I was pleased.
I got some nice collection at the walk and had a generally cooperative Granite.

I am hoping to schedule a lesson on Wednesday (my only night off this week) and then have Becky do 1-2 training rides later in the week/ during the weekend. I am going HOME on Thursday right after work and won't be back in town until Sunday night. I would like Granite to get the exercise and I would also like Becky to have th opportunity to work with Granite and see where some of his resistance issues are coming from. I think she will be a bit better equipped to know where I am going wrong in riding him if she can feel him. So that will be a good thing.

I got to spend some time with Eva this weekend. We rode and ran on Saturday then did some shopping (in prep for her new KITTEN!) and then went to see Tim McGraw. On Sunday we drove out to check out a couple farms for her upcoming move of Reno from Becky's to somewhere closer to her house. We didn't find any legitimate possibilities, but we discovered some new places. Then we came back and it was well over 100 degrees, so she helped me feed the horses (bc Becky was out of Town) and we spent a little bit of time with our guys. She cut Reno's mane (it needs some serious refinement) and its SO cute! I hate long mane. Granite's new heavy duty fly mask came in (as did the rest of our HorseLoverZ order). I hope he will keep it on his face for me. He also got a new fly bonnet. His ears are so so large-- he looks so silly. See for yourself:

Sportin' the new gear!

Supreme Fly Mask!!

Best Friend and I pre-gaming Tim McGraw

I am taking TK home with me on Thursday. He will get to meet the PARENTS, aunt/uncle, grandmother, and a handful of High School Friends. Quite possibly Eva's family as well. Its a lot, but all of those people are super laid back and non-judgmental. TK treats me like gold and everyone loves him just because they see how happy he has made me. All that to say, it won't be a big deal. It will be F-U-N. We have a day of 4-wheel driving on the beach (in Corolla-- lets hope for wild pony sightings!) planned for Friday. A back-deck Margarita get-together with some old HS friends planned for Friday night. Saturday out on the family boat planned (hopefully Eva will attend this with us). Perhaps going to see Eva's baby sister in the Play "Wizard of Oz" (shes Mayor of Munchkin Land!) at the Lost Colony on Roanoke Island on Saturday Night. Then Sunday, we may hit the beach again before driving home and stopping off to meet Eva's new kitten (yay for another nephew!) Gryffindor on the way home. I am beyond excited to see my family and spend some time at home. Also, very excited to get to spend an uninterrupted weekend with the BF (we are both SO busy that a full day together rarely occurs, let alone a WHOLE WEEKEND). And lastly, can't wait to share my amazing guy with the people who mean the most to me!!!



  1. Yay... this post makes me happy :) I'm catching up on your blog this morning and it sounds like you have the rigth attitude with baby Granite. There will be highs and lows, progress will be slow, it will be at times frustrating and at times rewarding. Hang in there -- you're doing great!

  2. Just a few short months ago, you were saying you were a tad bored. Good grief! I am getting exhausted just reading your post! Seriously though, I am so pleased for you. Life IS good. Have fun!!!

  3. I thought Eva already found a barn... oh well. Sounds like a fun time all around.

  4. You guys are too cute! Glad to hear you and Granite are doing better. Every ride is a new day with a baby!

  5. I have absolutely loved reading your blog! I even decided to start my own...lol. So glad you are happy with Granite...he is absolutely gorgeous!!