Thursday, July 1, 2010

"I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world." ~George Washington

What a wonderful vacation! I had a freaking blast in Manhattan!

I went with my friend from Grad school, Jordan. We went to stay with her college roommate, Kayleigh, who lives on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. The three of us stayed in her studio apartment. I was there for 5 days. I really got a local feel for the place-- and got to see the touristy stuff too!

It took 1 hour to drive 1 mile over the George Washington Bridge. 

After 3 hours of sleep and 12 in the car-- we went out in downtown Manhattan. 

Day 2: Brunch. $25 Prix Fixe -- UNLIMITED Bloody Mary & Bellinis :)
11am-4:30pm.... hahaha!

And if that wasn't enough... we went out downtown again on Night 2

Day 3: Not feeling too fab, but doing the Touristy thing regardless!
First subway ride!

Little Italy and Chinatown...
The little China woman scared me with her haggling! Ahhh! I don't haggle!

Day 4: Rachel Meets H&M!!!

And various other important touristy venues! 

Day 5: Brooklyn! 

And the Natural History Museum (to get TK some gifties)

Day 6: Jersey (they don't let you pump your own gas!!!) and HOME!!!

But let me tell you, Greensboro has never felt more like home than it did last night when we got back. I had the most fabulous experience in NYC, but I wouldn't trade anything for the south :)

I saw Granite tonight. He was so wonderful. He was funny and playful and knew how much I missed him. His training bill however... was more than I had anticipated. But its taken care of and now his progressive training is in my hands. I am so excited to see what the future holds. So far the restaurant is keeping its word and I have the weekend off to catch up on house hold chores and to ride and run and clean tack and give Granite and Daphne spa days! Let freedom ring!


  1. Ahhhh so fun! I'm going to NYC with my little sister in a couple weeks and we too are staying at friends in the Upper East side...can NOT wait!!!! LOVE nyc!!

  2. Wow, looks like a blast (and I must say, you are looking fabulous)!!

  3. You look so adorable doing city things in your cute little dresses! :) I love the City in the summer, but I could never live there. I'll take my farm out in the country in NJ and a train ride to Manhattan, thanks. I bet Granite missed you too!

  4. Kristen: I hope you have a host as good as mine. She scoped out all the deals for us. Seriously, check out Parlor Steak House, their brunch was amazing-- and the 5 hour unlimited drinking was too.

    Sprinkler: THANKS girl! I had the nerve to weigh myself this morning-- good news, I actually LOST a few ounces in new york! -17 lbs since January! YAY!

    Marissa: Now you have the right idea, live in the country with a short commute to fabulous :) And you don't have to pump your gas...ever? so cool!

  5. You look terrific! Glad you had a great deserved it!

  6. THANKS! Its was a blasty blast. But I am enjoying being back home in the south and on my horse :)

  7. I'm glad you had a great vacation! You look so adorable in your pictures~ totally a hot mama :)!! I know what you mean about coming home after a vacation, I was in St. Louis, MO over the 4th, and home never felt so good when we finally got back.