Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Weekend

Independent in so many senses of the word.
Independent from work in that I really have only been working Friday and Monday nights!

Saturday was perfect. I went out and rode Granite, then went for a little run with Daphne, then spent the rest of the day by the pool with a cooler of beer, my Practical Horseman and TK! We stayed there til dinner time then went and got Mexican food (my most favorite) then came home and watched Pulp Fiction (I had never seen it, this was apparently unacceptable).

Sunday was lovely as well. I rode my horse and then bathed him and the dog. Then I went over to D's and cleaned THREE saddles, TWO bridles and various other pieces of leather. She sent me home with her Otto Schumaker dressage saddle to try on Granite. Shes currently not utilizing it and thought that maybe I could if it fit (its a wide tree and I'm currently riding him in a medium-wide which fits great).
Then I went to TK's family's house for a 4th celebration. We grilled out and I met 50 of his closest relatives (um, nervous much?). Then we watched fireworks over the lake! Sounds like I got the family stamp of approval because..... (drum roll please).... I am now the official GF :)

After that fabulous day, I woke up early on Monday to go on a 5.5+ mile run with Eva at my favorite City Park Greenway (its off and on road... really pretty and shaded for the most part). Then we went to go riding and celebrate Reno's 4th birthday (with watermelon). Eva got some pictures of Granite and I. He is coming along nicely although, my equitation is getting worse and worse! yuck!

Getting ready to go. I love this profile of him.

Yuck Rachel hands! Pretty Granite Pony.

Canter! (chicken elbows!)

Huge stride! Not the pretty hunter one I had hoped for--more ground covering (klobering)...



  1. I never thought to give my pony watermelon. I am going to have to try that! You guys look great and that sounds like the perfect weekend. Glad to hear about the official BF GF status as well congrats!

  2. at least your elbows are BENT!!!! haha They look a whole lot prettier than mine! And yay for being the official GF!! :) Great pics of Granite! Such a handsome boy!

  3. Congrats on being the official GF!
    I never thought of giving my horse watermelon. I did try out popsicles this weekend and my mare loved them!

  4. Aw, don't be so hard on yourself. I now have to post the horrendous equitation pictures of me on Tucker from when he was 3 so you can see that it's really hard to pay attention to what you're doing when you have a squirmy wiggly 5-legged baby underneath you. Don't worry, that canter will level out. Just be happy his natural tendency is to sit down, instead of fall on his face. :)

  5. Congratulations on becoming "official"! You and Granite are getting to know each other...don't be so hard on yourself. I think you look great together.

  6. Congrats on the official-ness! And don't worry too much about the eq, when I first started on Panache she was green broke, quick, and nervous. I rode with no leg on her and hunched over to try to keep her reassured. Try breaking those habits plus I turn my hands over and have chicken wings too! LOL... it'll come! And the canter will come too, mine tends to have a dressage-y canter until I get her super fit, then she can stretch out and stay slow to look more hunter-y. Enjoy the ride! :)

  7. Thanks everyone. I'm starting to agree that I'm not the worst rider in the world, I'm just concentrating on him and my own position falls by the way-side. George Morris would tell me that it is no excuse, but since he isn't here... I'm going with it.

    Watermelon-- YES, try it. Give them a whole slice, they like the rhine.

    And thanks for the congrats about TK. I am so so so happy. He is like Granite in human form, and he doesn't cost me money or require me to take care of him ;)

  8. It looks like you're adjusting the reins in the hand picture...and also, you look like you're riding him nice and soft and that you're just trying to stay out of his face. I think you look like a great rider! Also, congrats on your relationship!

  9. Good boy Granite! He is looking geat and I love the pictures. :)

  10. It is impossible to have good eq on greenie baby horses. Really and truely. I have some super horrifying pictures of Izzy and myself from that era. Maybe I'll post them for you another day...

    Congrats on being the gf! You sound really happy.

  11. I think u both look awesome..you can tell he's got BIG moves!! What a BIG beautiful baby you have! YUM on the watermelon...wonder if my pony can have it? I'll have to ask Cliff...seems like a great summer treat!