Friday, February 5, 2010

99 reasons why I love my barn...

Lil' Aspen Farms....
Land of the Free, Home of the Paints.

Granite is out numbered in that he is taller and less spotty than most of his Painted Playmates. 
But he is none the less happy for it.
He dines on a large pasture of beautiful green grass and has access to a cozy shelter equipped with a buffet of delicious (or what appears to be as I personally have not taste tested) hay. 
Owner/Manager/Trainer, Becky, makes sure he is toasty in his blanket if the North Carolina temps reach below a frosty 32.
She makes sure that despite snow or blazing temps that all the critters are fed and watered.
She worms them regularly and makes sure to call the vet and farrier at appropriate intervals to set up appointments and the proceeds to hold my horse for me while I am at work.
She answers my never-ending calls and emails "just checking in on my boy".
She offers advice when questions or concerns arise.
She also knows the power of allowing an owner their own space and to afford them their own opinion when it comes to their equine child.
I have an arena with lovely rubber footing.
I have a round pen in which to work my terrible two year old (jokes, of course, for Granite is perfection-ok, that part is a joke as well).
My barn is 10 minutes from work and home.
There are no screaming children or bratty rich bitches (eh, maybe I lied, one has the potential to fall into category 2).
Things are neat and clean, although we are allowed to use the barn-- its not a museum.
Although I only pasture board, if anything were to happen I have access to a stall.
My things are safe.
My HORSE is safe.
Becky notices anything unusual in Granite's behavior or physique. 
I am happy there! Very happy.
And as you all know, I have planned to have Becky start Granite undersaddle for me. But financial issues (whats new!?) are throwing a wrench in the process. I emailed Becky to "just check in" since I haven't been able to go see Granite in a week. I also mentioned that perhaps we could talk about working out a schedule or some way to have her and I work in tandem to get him started. 
Her response solidifies the fact that, for this time in our lives, Granite and I have found an amazing home...
"And as far as Granite goes,  don't worry we will work something out when that time comes.  Also Granite( and the other horses) is doing fine, fat and happy at the buffet."
Those simple sentences mean so much to me. I am eternally grateful. I often fall into the most amazing situations with truly wonderful people! 
I love the way the world works :)


  1. Awww...what a great post! You are so lucky to have such a great facility! It will all work out I'm sure :) I am marveling actually at the cost difference! Here it was $30/session with NO discounts for prepaying a month of full training in advance (and that was just with the 'baby horse' trainer, dont even get me started on the $55 my regular trainer charges for one training session). Anyways, I totally agree SprinklerBandit about things. Training a level headed baby need not be overcomplicated, I think it is something you could totally handle doing the majority of the heavy lifting on provided you had someone to give you all the steps and check in on you from time to time (which it sounds like Becky would be totally willing to do!). I cannot WAIT to see you guys progress girl!!!

  2. You do have a great barn, and you are very lucky (and more than lucky to have found a place there for your horse!).

  3. I completely know the feeling. Having a barn where you know your horse is safe and happy and well-cared-for is more than a basic necessity. It does your heart good. So glad you and Granite are happy!

  4. Thanks you guys. I just worry that the universe will think I am not grateful or don't realize the worth of the situation in which G and I have found ourselves.

    Well, the woman with whom I have (tried) to take lessons charges 50 an hour. I agree that Becky's rates are great. Before I really got to know and trust her, that was the main reason I chose her to start G. Her own babies have been successful and although she isn't a specialist in hunters, I figure a solid w-t-c is the same in any discipline and because I already board there, it would only cost me the 15$ a session!

    I hope I am as lucky in finding a barn when I move (its not in the near future, but highly possible on the horizon).

    I can't wait to start him, its unread how quickly it is approaching!