Sunday, February 7, 2010

Granite is Famous... in a small town.

Granite and I were included on the Pet Page of the local paper! Check it out!


  1. ;-) Did you sign autographs? I'm sure that will pick up soon. If only fame paid...

  2. I'm thinking he should get a stamp made of his hoofprint. I'm sure the autograph request are soon to be rolling in! Actually I have had 4 or 5 people mention how pretty he is and that they saw us in the paper. Its a pretty small town (under 5,000).

    I LOVE that picture that they used (and the heading of my blog).

  3. That's so cool!!!!! How'd you get that?

  4. Get his picture in?
    Being the Town Clerk (with Public Information Officer responsibilities)I have a lot of local media contacts. The was chatting with the publisher of the paper about my horse and she asked for a picture of him. Of course, I gladly hand out pictures like candy to children, and someone mentioned last week that I was in the paper! I was happily surprised that for once, it wasn't work related :)