Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Makings of a Power Pony (and local celebrity) who is loved by many and duplicated by none...

Karma comes from humble beginnings. She was born to a Paso Fino dam and a American Quarter Horse sire. She was sold to Ms. D. Porter at the age of 8months. With Ms. Porter, she thrived on a wide assortment of delectable tidbits and an overwhelming helping of love.

Karma was trained by Ms. D. Porter and spent years mastering the art of Ultimate Trail Conquering, Leading the Trail, Traversing Rivers, Begging for treats, and Imbibing lovely varieties of muscadine wine.

In 2007, Ms. R. Hawley entered Karma's life. At this point Karma was dubbed "Shez Klassic Karma" (as is currently on record with the American Half Quarter Horse Association) in the way of her many snazzy-named Quarter Horse predecessors. Karma was then asked to endure a plethora of pink accessories. During this time, she also learned to love close contact hunter saddles and pink sport boots. She conquered many Hunter Paces and dabbled in Hunter/Jumper lessons. After she was asked to share love and affection with an obnoxiously large and goofy little brother, it was determined that Karma would be placed back into the loving ownership of Ms. D. Porter.

In late 2009, Ms. A. Waldruff fell, like many before her, for the Power Pony in Pink. Ms. Waldruff knew "adorable" and "talent" just as soon as it walked out of the pasture in its size 00 shoes. Ms. Waldruff now claims (often disputed by Ms. I-Am-An-Only-Child-And-I-Want-It-All-Hawley) ownership of Karma and has high hopes for arena work and victory in the mare's future. She also plans to feed her copious amount of sweet snacks in order to bribe her into said arena work and victory.

Karma is also doing more than just looking adorable to earn her keep. She gives lessons once a week to Ms. C. Miller, an aspiring equestrian who longs for the togs of the hunt field nearly as much as the mount. Karma is patient and kind in helping Ms. Miller fulfill her dreams of equestrian diva-ness. In Karma's spare time she also holds therapy sessions in which troubled teens and twenty-somethings lament the fact that zero-few decent men reside in this city.

Karma's fan base is currently in the thousands and certainly grows during every outing she takes. She will soon be international and thus has ordered her faithful minions to create her a Fan Page on the Book of Face, so that her many admirers could have a forum through which to discuss their undying love for the Princess Power Pony in Pink herself. 

The above post is from Karma (the mare I used to own prior to the Big Grey Donkey)'s new Fan Page on Facebook. Become at Fan!

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  1. I love it. I love everything about that bio on Karma. Especially that Ms. C Miller was allowed the privilege of being included! :)