Monday, February 1, 2010


I didn't go to my Horse Management Class tonight. The class was still on but considering I have gotten my car stuck in three separate snow-covered parking lots today, I figured I wouldn't try my luck tonight. So, I came home and worked out and got tax information ready (I get to have them prepared tomorrow, for free! thank you credit union!).
But, I wanted to share with you a marked up picture of Granite to examine some conformation. He is actually, in my opinion, a pretty well-proportioned horse. He makes a nice overall picture but he has a few minor flaws, some of which I think he may grow out. So, heres a marked up picture for you to check out and compare to the important points for analysis above.

The problems I have identified with Granite are the following:
-Slightly higher in the rump (he isn't even 3 yet, and I'm confident that this will even out)
-His left hoof is slightly clubbed (it has always been his most concerning flaw, but my farrier is confident that as long as we are careful about corrective shoeing and tendon support, that it will be a non-issue)
-In this picture, He looks a little under in the back, I think its just the photo.
-He needs some building up of the haunches, but I think this is also due to age and lack of muscle strength.

Other than that. I think he makes a nice overall picture. In the latest Equus Magazine, there was an article about not focusing on the flaws but picking conformation for the whole picture. Granite has a large head with a roman nose, but its a nice, well defined head and he has soft eyes and a clean throat latch. He has a nice long neck that blends nicely into his shoulder. He has a short back and great bone structure.

AND? He is the love of my life!


  1. Bodhi changed from uphill to downhill several times during his development. It was funny to watch his should scramble to catch up to his giant apple bottom!

  2. Nifty... I'm rather bad at analyzing my own horse's conformation. All I can think is "Oh, she's so cute."

    Want to have a go? I'm sure she'd be a great demo horse for 4-H... ;-)

  3. as granite's aunt... I think he is amazing! This class is very nifty.. I plan on joining you for one, maybe next week?

  4. Golden- I hope that is true for Granite. He is almost 3 however, so I fear we are pretty close to what we are going to get (Size and Shape).

    Sprinkler- Sure Sure. Send a good conformation shot, we'll see what we can do. My 4-H team hasn't been established yet, but we will put it in the files.

    E- You are the best Aunt/Godmom ever (He is totally willed to you if I die). Next week's class is Pre-Purchase Vetting and Emergency Care. Should be a good one!

  5. This is one area that I can read, and read about and I STILL have not idea! Lol. I was actually going to write about it this weekend on my blog. He's a beautiful boy!

    You can add Denali's photo to your 4-H file. I'll try to post another one, a better one of her.