Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thanks A Lot Obama, and You too Bev Perdue!

So you know that tax refund money I had allocated to paying to have Granite's spring shots/ teeth float/ front shoes/ 30 days training??? Well, I got my taxes done on Tuesday, and I got 1/2 of what I did last year! HALF!!! I am soooo mad, but mainly heartbroken. I obviously must use the money I will be getting back to pay for his vetting and farrier service, as these are essentials. This leaves me with the question of the training. I could wait, and hope for a windfall. I could wait, and stash little bits of extra cash as I get them (we are talking like very few dollars a month, I am stretched to the max simply paying his rent and mine). I could try to pay for one ride a week or so (Becky charges $15 a ride, which is great and makes it easier to spread it thin instead of doing the 30 days in a month and half- two). I could pay her for very few rides and I can try to ride also. Or, I can try to run this show on my own.

I have ABSOLUTELY no experience with babies. I have shown for years, rather successfully, but I have never broken, trained, i hesitate to say re-trained, anything! And I know his initial training will help determine the kind of horse and athlete he will be. I don't want to screw this up by being all DYI. BUT-- I want to make this happen. I have waited a LONG time for him to grow and I was so looking forward to April when it was finally time to get his shoes on and send him into the area with Becky (under my watchful and interested eye). So I am trying to think outside of the box and I'm asking you to also.
Do you have any creative ideas? Any suggestions? Simply sympathy?

I had a dream last night that I was riding my first horse, Bonnie (she was a grey TB). We were cantering in the arena with a lot of people around. Then I looked down and she morphed into Granite. At first I was scared because I knew he didn't know the cues to slow down. But then it melted away and he and I just cantered. It was amazing. Now I want to make it a reality.


  1. Well, I certainly understand these things :)
    I found starting my horse with a professional was really fantastic, mainly because I am a chicken! However, you seemed confident enough to get on by yourself which makes you way braver than me already. Could the compromise be having her work with you and Granite once a week, give you homework for you to work on until the next session? Much of what you'll work on, you've already taught him on the lunge, it's just a matter of translation. If that's not ideal, then waiting another year to start isnt the end of the world. You'd rather save up the money and have him started well at 4 than started at 3 under less than ideal circumstances. My final thought isnt probably what you'll want to hear and mind you I've broke ONE baby...30 days training for us flew by and it was closer to 60 days before he was really walk/trot/canter broke off of the lunge in the arenas to the point where I felt really comfortable that I wasnt going to get hurt or screw anything up. My trainer said he was very very easy to start, so that's just one point of reference. My point is to just caution that you may wish to wait and save up for a little more training just in case at the end of 30 you havent started something you cannot afford to finish...Good luck Rachel and maybe re-read through my posts in May-August about Pongo's progress when I started him.

  2. It will allllll work out. I have the upmost faith in you, Granite, and the whole training situation - Obama and Perdue be dammed! Also, don't forget you'll have $15 per lesson from me coming in - and after I turn in Comps II, I'd love to pick up weekends to help you out (and lets face it - so I can spend more time with horses!).

  3. Nicku- Thanks so much for the advice. I was hoping that 30 days would just get us a nice starting point. But, you never know. He learns quickly and is very calm, but he is also prone to rear when frustrated and I'd rather a pro get him out of that habit than it hurting my confidence... I guess I will have to play it all by ear. But, I do plan to go re-read your experience with Pongo. Its so nice to be able to follow the stories of you and Golden and Sprinkler and starting your horses!!! its like a virtual support group for moms of young horses :)

    Carrie- you are awesome sweetie. You know youre going to become a better rider than I have a right to be teaching shortly. I'm trying to talk Ari into boarding K at Becky's with Granite this summer. She sounds optimistic. And we talked last night securing you to still ride her even if Ari takes over official ownership (looking like a strong possibility).

  4. I was in the same predicament with Bodhi too. I had aided in the training and starting of horses but always as the muscle never as the brains. :)
    To make sure I was on the right track with my baby I took lessons with a professional and that really gave me the confidence to know I was doing the right thing. You have done the ground work, you have already gotten on board, and Granite seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. You are already a good rider, you just need someone to help you plan and trouble shoot! That of course is my 2 cents. I think you should also stay in your comfort zone too. If it means you have to wait to start your horse for a while that is not going to hurt him one bit. Do ground work, practice long lining and hand walking on trail etc until your finances improve.
    I think training your baby with the help from some experienced hands would be a really rewarding experience though. :)

  5. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence. i think G is very sweet and would never intentionally hurt me, but I do need guidance. I am also dedicated to him and am willing to put in the man hours and research. I haven't gotten out to the barn all week to to SNOW and work, but I will bring up this new found issues with our Barn owner and see what her suggestions are. I know she would like to do the work (she knows what shes doing and stands to earn the money), but she also seems to want whats best for my horse and i think she will help to offer some advice on the best route!!

    Thanks again for all the advice!! You ladies are simply the best.

  6. I vote for having the trainer work with him a few times with you watching and then having her give you pointers maybe once a week. Yes, the early training is important, but he's a pretty laid back guy and you want to do right by him. You should be alright. Riding babies is a lot of work, but it's not usually hard...