Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And so it begins...

Well, I survived. When I marched into that restaurant Monday after work, trying to mask my trembling hands, I had no idea that, not only would I walk out with a job, but I would be starting the very next day! I managed to wrangle together my 'uniform' (consisting of black slacks, black button down, black shoes and neon green tie-- yes, a MAN thought this was a good idea) in one evening.

Now getting my head in the game was not as easy. I am a planner. You may or may not have noticed that I like a schedule, I like to know what the schedule is well in advance, and I like to stick to that schedule. This news forced me to cancel my 4H club meeting and email my boss(es) and beg for forgiveness for accepting a second position without prior approval. Working for a small local government adds extra issues to everything. People know people and politics are always to be considered... Anyway, after transferring money from Granite's training fund to afford to buy clothes for the 'uniform', I went running. And I kept running until I felt more positive and less ashamed/angry/scared about waiting tables. 5 miles later, I felt much better. By this time it was 9:30pm, but I wanted to see my horse and explain to him why I wouldn't get to see him as much (because he obviously speaks fluent english) and to convince myself that I am doing the right thing. I got home late and slept fitfully because, well, I was nervous as hell.

After work yesterday, I slapped on the black ensemble and tried to avoid eye contact with anyone on the drive over. I prayed they had a back door but was unsuccessful in finding one. I considered introducing myself with an alias so that no one would associate me with my 'real' job (my picture is frequently in the local paper accompanying gov't news). I really liked the trainer. She is the type that I would like to have for riding. She is to the point and serious, not very codling, but gave encouragement right when I needed it (in the form of 'girl, youre going to be good').  She left toward the end of my shift and told me I was fine to work on my own for the remainder of the evening. I was nervous but happy that I had obviously passed the test of if I was cut out to wait tables there.

I ended up making $40 on my 3 tables that I did independently at the end of the evening. I was off of work by 9:30 (great for working a dinner shift, but not so great when you've been at the office since 8am with no dinner break). I managed to throw the black clothes in the washer when I got home and have some crackers and peanut butter before passing out at 11:45! Phew! But, how great did that cash feel? I realized I had underestimated how much i could earn there! This will be worth it. Maybe I will even meet a friend? Or, get a date!! (no potential suitors yet, but I'll keep you posted...hehe).

I have a work meeting tonight (in about 10 minutes), but i went to see granite on my 'dinner' break. Becky was riding him! It was the first time I have seen him be really worked under saddle. He looked great at the trot. I wished I had my blackberry so I could have uploaded some photos to show you. Becky did tell me that he is the most dull green horse she has ever ridden. In that he is not responsive to aids. This upsets me, but I like to think I can work on this when he is done learning his aids with Becky. I'm trying not to get too worried about it in this, the 12th ride part of the game. She said that he was going to be a prime candidate for a flash nose band. He literally chews his snaffle like bubble gum, the entire ride!! She also informed me that Granite has been picking on Reno relentlessly and that its not getting better, so? My kid got kicked out of the play pen pasture. Hes with the fat mare pony now :( I guess it is best for everyone, but I loved to watch them all play together.

 I'm feeding horses again this weekend. So my board will be way cheaper this month! YAY! I also enjoy the feeding. I'll have 9 horses to watch after this weekend, in addition to working my new job. Who said Rachel doesn't enjoy a challenge? They lied!

Cheers and thanks for ALL the positive comments Re: my second job. It made me feel like I was making the right choice and doing something positive here!

Now, off to work...again.


  1. Hey! My young horse (also a 3-year-old) was the EXACT same way when he was first started under saddle. He would not respond to ANYthing. I mean, I could literally spank him with the whip and ... nothing. Don't worry, your boy will get better as he gets more fit, and with more understanding. :-) Now mine is super sensative. Just took time.

  2. oh my god! you just made my night. I've been so down about it, bc watching him move on the lunge/ in the pasture makes me think i have a talented youngster on my hands but under saddle he is literally dead.
    What did you do? Anything to encourage the forward motion? Or just time and miles to build confidence and strength?
    Thanks for letting me know, I thought I was alone or was truly going to have to re-examine G's future...

  3. One of the ladies I ride with purpose bred her filly to be quiet, and is she ever quiet! That horse will trot and canter around on a loopy rein, never changes rhythm over fences, has a perfect lead change, and never ever gets flustered. Her owner loves having something so ammy friendly and easy, sometimes I wish my mare were more like that rather than the super-tuend sportscar. lol! Glad the first night of Extra Granite Fund went well!

  4. Granite will turn out amazing, just wait. He's still just starting out and he may just be confused to the aids still.Keep your chin up!!

  5. I fifth (?) what everyone else is saying. He'll get the hang of it and you'll be fine. Izzy is way more sensitive now than she ever was before.

  6. Cute blog! Enjoyed my visit.


  7. I agree...he'll be great! Unresponsive is better than mindless blowing up, right?!