Monday, May 10, 2010

Update on my Captain Clumsy

I hope that no one has been holding their breath all weekend for this post. I apologize for not updating sooner.

Friday I procrastinated in going to the barn. I was really scared of what I would find, and didn't want to start thinking about what to do next. So, I got off work and went and ran 3+ miles. After that, I felt a bit better about going to see what Granite had in store for his momma. I went and grabbed him out of the pasture, just glancing at his legs for any obvious signs of irritation. I didn't see anything. I put him in the wash stall and began meticulously inspecting his legs. I poked and prodded. I picked up each foot and poked around on the soles of his hooves. I checked his shoes. I stepped back and examined each leg for symmetry. I couldn't find ANYTHING out of the ordinary. I know that horse's body better than my own; I would notice any abnormalities.

So, I took him out to the round pen to evaluate his movement. I trotted him a few laps each direction. He looked perfectly sound to me. HUGE sigh of relief. I brought the kid back in and groomed him. Told him he was gorgeous (because, really? He could be a horsie super model--well, if you don't mind his large ears) then I put him back out in the "play pen" (large pasture with his coming 4yr old cousin and 4yr old friend).

I fed for the farm this weekend. They just sold one of the horses and they took 2 camping with them, so I only had to maintain 7 critters. It was really a breeze and thankfully went flawlessly. I am even early for work this morning (thus the blogging) because it didn't take me nearly as long to feed before work as I had anticipated. All of the horses were very well behaved and the routine is pretty easily accomplished. I love driving the 4wheeler when I pick stalls. If I didn't need a break on board so badly, I would feed for free because I honestly enjoyed being in charge of 7 gorgeous horses all weekend :)

The only stumbling block came when the owners of a verrry chunky QH pony came out to groom her. They are a really nice family and they always compliment me on Granite and deal with my growling dog; I like them a lot. But, they asked if their pony had eaten dinner yet. I told them that she was actually only getting fed in the morning. The pony is probably a 7 body score (maybe more?) and is turned out on lovely pasture usually 24 hrs a day (because her owners want her to "be able to enjoy the weather"). The owners were not happy with this statement. They proceeded to tell me that grain 2x a day was included in full board and they pay full board (despite wanting the horse on pasture 24/7 in the spring and fall). Sigh... the poor mare doesn't even need the grain she gets! Some people think these are large dogs and food=love! Our Barn Owner is not only a seasoned horse woman, but holds a degree in equine science. I wish more people would trust the pros. I am not a pro, but I read a lot and have owned/ridden horses for almost 18 years-- I still listen and learn. Some people, although well meaning, just don't get it!\

Anyway, Granite seems to be fine (thank god). Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! Have a great week!


  1. So glad Granite is OK - sad about the (fat) mare's owner - some people just don't get it.

  2. THANKS! Me too! I was in a panic most of the day on Friday. My poor BO hesitated to call bc she knew how upset I would be.

    I hope she can have a talk with the mare's owners. They mean so well but don't realize how unhealthy they are allowing their horse to be by not limiting her grass intake and wanting her grained 2x a day and NEVER exercising her :(

  3. glad to hear Granite gave you guys a false alarm! On the fat pony problem I think it is funny that with us we want to be skinny and fit and trim but when it comes to our animals the fatter the better! Horses and dogs are just like us that a good weight is such an important factor in health.

  4. I'm happy to hear that Granite was well, WHEW!

    Some people just don't get it about horses. That pony will founder and then they might see - it stinks that sometimes it comes at that kind of a cost. Maybe the BO could split up the morning grain ration so that the pony is fed the same amount, but twice a day.

    I know what you mean about caring for the horses for free. I really enjoy doing that at J's barn, I should charge, but I don't.

  5. Just getting caught up with reading blogs. I read your previous post and thought Oh, no!! What a relief that Granite is OK!

  6. whewwwwww...glad to hear the supermodel was ok! ;)

  7. Glad to hear Granite's doing just fine. My mare seems to be the same way, accident prone. I swear she's trying to avoid showing by running up the vet bills!

  8. Thanks guys. I dodged the bullet this time. But its always a very real possibility and it reminds me that while I try to be the best horse mom possible, I am NOT prepared to deal with an emergency (financially of course).

    See most recent post as to how I plan to remedy this inadequacy.

  9. Thank goodness he's ok! I'm so glad to hear that.

    My mare scraped up her legs today... despite our best efforts, they manage to keep us on our toes all the time!