Monday, May 3, 2010

Little Update

My life is pretty boring. So, I haven't had much to write about lately. Granite has just begun week 3 of training and has had 7 rides. He is currently learning to trot under-saddle and practicing the concept of steering. I've pretty much let BO/Kindergarten Teacher, Becky, take the literal and proverbial reins. She told me that she would let me know when it was time for my first "lesson" on him and from then I could start practicing concepts that he understands in between training rides. It sounds like he is doing well, but is having some difficulties with the impulsion concept. I think this is because he is still unsure about where to put his feet. I think this is generally due to his immaturity and size-- at least I hope. We will see how he progresses, Becky doesn't seem to be concerned.

Well, thats honestly about all I have in the way of updates. I go visit the man about 6 days a week and groom him and tell him that he is amazing, and I let the pros handle the rest. In the mean time, I'm running my butt off. Literally. I've only lost about 6lb at this point, but have lost a couple of inches in my waist and hips :) I'm running an average of 5 days a week for about 3 miles a day (give or take depending on the day). I'm feeling really strong and ran my best 5K time yet this afternoon! So, my hope is that all of this work will give me a stronger core and better balance to ride Granite with as little interference as possible. I'm also hoping that by the time Granite is ready (and I have the $-- which could be a looong time) to enter the 'A' circuit, I will weigh a bit less. The hunter judges tend to be pretty rough on overweight riders.

This month will be crazy (mainly on the financial front). I have 3 close friends with birthdays this week. Mother's Day and my grandfather's birthday is on Sunday. I have bukoos of friends (from my grad program) graduating on Friday of next week and a good friend graduating about 3 hours away with her BA (I'm traveling to watch her walk!). Thennn, my college roomie (all 4 years)/ close High School friend gets married at the end of the month on the beach. Phewww, and Granite needed fly spray and wound dressing this week. I am ALWAYS broke. It sucks. A lot. PS-- everyone from high school seems to be engaged or married. I? Haven't been on a date in approx 10 months. UGH... At least my big handsome white knight (Granite) loves me!!


  1. I feel you on the money front. Every time I think I have my money in order something else comes up!

    I think Becky sounds great. It takes a little while for the babies to feel comfortable with going forward. I think that is pretty normal. I have only really worked with a few horses that were really "forward" in their first few rides. At least he is passed the sixth ride :) a lot of people say that is the ride they try their "funny business" :0)

  2. Wow..good or actually GREAT for you for running!! I suck at it, so I know how difficult it can be, but also how great it makes your body look and the lbs just melt! Btw..the foal pic down below was soooooo sweet!

  3. Congratulations on your 5K!! That's terrific.

    Re gifts, I have a suggestion. What about doing donations to charities that you know your friends support? For example, animal rescues, Salvation Army, children's hospitals, etc. The gift not only gives back to the community, the donation amount can fit any person's budget. :-)

  4. Good for you on the weight and inches lost - I can barely run a mile, so I'm impressed! :)

    I know how you feel about being broke and having to buy presents - UGH! With Mother's day, birthdays, weddings, graduations and babies, I don't know how I'm going to do it this year.

    I am excited to hear about Granite's progress, good luck!

  5. GPG: At least I am not the only one who *thinks they have shit straight only to realize that the bottom is about to fall out! I think I'm getting a PT job (waiting tables none the less). UGH-- dont listen when they tell you that grad school is worth the debt, in my case...nope (sorry for the debbie downer moment).

    Kristen:Thanks for the props. I really enjoy the running. I wish I had a running buddy tho. I'm afraid Daphne won't be able to run with me in the heat this summer :(

    Wolfie: Great suggestion! Too bad its to the home-made gift point of desperation. I'm THAT broke.

    JJ: You are certainly not alone. This festive month is putting me in a not-so-festive mood. although its sad bc all occasions are so worth celebrating and i love my friends who are to be celebrated. i just have the guilt of not being able to DO for them like I want to.

  6. I have a bunch of friends getting married this summer, and I forgot how expensive that is. Yikes. Talk about cutting into the already-tiny horsey budget.

    Way to go on the running! I'm quite impressed.