Friday, May 21, 2010

dog-gone dilemma

Oh my oh my... The 4-H District Qualifying show is tomorrow in Raleigh! I haven't seen my club in over a month (since taking the second job), but they have great parents and I know that this show is just another weekend in the show ring for these kids. I'm excited to watch them perform! I am also excited that I was asked to be the ring steward from 7:45am-5pm on Saturday. So, I should be pumped right now...right? Well, I'm not pumped, I'm stressed! D texted me last night and told me that she would be out of town and couldn't watch my pup! She has 5 other dogs and I normally assume that Daphne can spend the night when I need to go out of town or have a really late night. I give D some "lunch" money for Daphne's food and it normally works brilliantly. This is a lifesaver for me because of my perpetually crazy schedule. I couldn't have Daphne if it weren't for Dianne. I just couldn't. But, now I realize that she can't watch Daphne for me tonight (I had planned to leave after work and stay with Eva tonight then be at the show all day tomorrow). What am I going to do?? My roommate is out of Town. My dog is not very social, so this eliminates friends with other dogs. My thought is that I should board her but as I was researching I realize that they require proof of vaccination. I do my own shots (from valley vet), so I don't even think anyone will let me board her. I can't get out of the volunteering for 4-H because I'm listed as the ring steward and its one of those commitments that you had better find someone to take your place if you can't make it! What to do, what to do?!

I haven't seen Granite in 4 days :( But, I plan to leave work early today and figure out this dog business and go visit him also...

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  1. Could you bring the dogs and crate them at the show? You could walk them during any breaks. Ugh, it is a dilemma isn't it?? Hmmm...Are there any local pet sitters that can help out? They don't always need vaccine proof. GOOD LUCK!!