Friday, May 7, 2010

Captain Clumsy...

I got a call from Becky the BO today...
Does anyone else have minor heart failure when the BO calls? I do. So she usually answers with "Hi, your horse is fine..."
Today she called to ask if I would be willing to farm-sit this weekend. I HAPPILY obliged. I have decided that it is finally time to swallow my pride (and any spare time) and get a second job (waiting tables, I presume). But as I was lamenting this decision at the barn earlier this week, Becky said that if she and her husband decided to go trail riding/camping for the weekend that she would call me to watch the farm (thus reducing my board/training fees this month!!!!).
After I happily agreed to feed and take care of the equines at the farm this weekend, Becky gave me a quick update on how Granite's training was coming along. He, as you know, has been really pokey. She said that for some reason he was really "looky" yesterday and had no problem with engagement. He was almost a little too "up" for a productive training session! Wow, babies sure can have their days! She said that another boarder was riding, so she rode him in the big arena with the other horse. This was a first and she said he handled it nicely. Then... (cue, ominous music) she said that he started limping. She got off to see if he had a rock lodged in his shoe. He didn't. She said she got off of him and gave him today off (and this weekend as well, because she will be out of town anyway) and hasn't noticed any heat or swelling in the leg (front right). She didn't seem concerned (never really does-- I guess it comes from a career of caring for horses) and ended the conversation on that. Leaving me, to spend my day in the office worrying worrying worrying (again? whats new?). Granite is the most accident prone being I have ever met!
What could be wrong? I haven't seen or felt his leg yet-- I'll go out after work today. I know that horse's body better than my own, so I may catch an irregularity that Becky didn't see. But assuming that nothing LOOKS abnormal, I tend to fear the worst but contemplate the best. I'm thinking because he had extra energy, he either pulled something, or he stepped on himself and stung himself. He tends to overreach and clip his feet against each other all the time, he could have just hurt himself that way. Or, he stepped wrong and hurt something more serious... I'm left to sit here and try to focus on work of the rest of the day. Me leaving work early and hurrying out to the barn won't do any good. Becky says there is no swelling and this happened yesterday. He is in the pasture hanging out. So, I guess I will go and trot him to see if he is still limping, a bit off, or back to normal. Then evaluate from there.
Why do I have the most accident prone horse ever??
Cross fingers/pray/do whatever you do for this to be nothing!


  1. Funny, my barn owner is the same way, always starts the call with, "Promise is fine..." unless she's calling to say otherwise, lol. But, yes, I also have heart failure when caller id says it's her!

  2. WILL be nothing!!! :)
    Poor babes are so fragile aren't they...but it could be us Mom's worrying about every ouchie. I dont know any other way. :)

  3. I can totally relate. My horse steps wrong and I am instantly thinking the worst. I'm sure he will be just fine! :)

  4. I sure hope everything is OK with Granite! Was your trainer just walking when he started limping? I can't imagine what he could have done at the walk. Maybe it's just a little stone bruise..? Our horses know how to keep things interesting, don't they?

    Prayers that it is nothing!