Monday, May 10, 2010

Never say Never... and I mean Never!

UPDATE: Was hired on the spot. I start TOMORROW! 3 days this week AND was asked to feed horses again this weekend! Only problem is-- as part of my employment conditions at my real job,  I have to have approval of secondary employment! I emailed my boss as soon as I found out, but no answer (he has a blackberry, so I know he got it...). So lets hope he's not angry at me!

May a share with you, a famous quote:
 "I will NEVER wait another table as long as I live" ~ Rachel Hawley, circa 2007.

Well, Miss Myra (a former boss of mine) called today and told me that she has spoken with the owners of Elizabeth's Pizza (a restaurant not even a block away from my office) and let them know that I was looking for a little bit of work and that I had waitressing experience. The owner, Tony, responded "Yes, send her over". I am supposed to go over immediately after work today (never mind that I had a LONG run planned out). Myra said shes almost positive that they will give me job. I am happy and depressed all at the same time.

Ability to make student loan payments (simultaneously with rent and board--not in place of one or the other)
Possibility of building a Savings Account (I hear of this mythical concept of saving, but have never had the luxury of doing so)
Meet new people?
Extra money so that I can really enjoy what free time I have
Saving for a truck/ trailer??
Not living in a constant state of survival mode

waiting freaking tables!
working 50+ hours a week
way less free time for Granite and Running (my two loves)
embarrassment of having 2 degrees and needing to wait tables
owner's wife is my age
will be working with high school students
generally bruised ego (see above quote)

I will let you know how this goes down. I'm thinking bitter, like medicine (necessary and horrible all at the same time).
BUT, I will never give up on horses (my dreams) because I wasn't willing to work (hard) for them!


  1. Cash. Cash. Cash. Even more if this place is licensed to serve alcohol. :-) I admire your determination, Rachel. The prize will be sooo much sweeter. I hope it works out for you.

  2. allow me to address the cons:

    1. You have been supporting yourself since age 14. Dont ever feel bad about doing what needs to be done!

    2. A lot of people work 50 hours a week on salary. Think of it as paid overtime.

    3. Highschool students can be fun. It will keep you young

    4. CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH. And we will find you a better job, so its only temporary.

    loves you <3

  3. Yeah I know how you feel I had to work at a book store for a while there. I felt weird at times but every time i snuggled a soft muzzle I knew it was worth it!

  4. It's worth it! I have a law degree and I still braid and groom and even muck the occasional stall to help offset the cost of my equine addiction. Anyone with a horse totally gets it!

  5. Kudos to you for doing what it takes. And hey, soon enough you'll be able ot find a better job. Enjoy what you've got now. ;-)

  6. Congrats on the extra cash! Hope it goes well and you can have some fun at the same time :)

  7. Oh my gosh! Well first, congratulations on the extra cash. Who knows, you may end up loving this job!! I used to wait tables and hated it!!! and ! I said the same thing: "NEVER AGAIN!" But, I'm kind of thinking about picking up that 2nd job too, it's the darn student loans that kill ya'.
    I hope it all works out well with your boss, I'm sure he'll understand ;).

  8. Thanks for the encouragement y'all! If I hear "why don't you sell the damn horse" one more time, I may scream (bc I've already cried).
    It seems like such a simple fix to my financial situation to everyone who doesn't know what its like to be a horse person. but without horses, I don't think I'd have anything to look forward to. What do non-horse people really live for? Anyway. My boss(es) aren't pleased and they have "concerns" but also said they wouldn't stop me. I'm super nervous about maintaining 50-60 hr work weeks in addition to the working out and GRANITE and 4H volunteering. Also nervous about learning a new job (its an italian place and I'm realizing that I'm not exactly the pasta/carb expert that I thought I was). Also? I have to wear a lime green tie--- unacceptable! I fear a lime green phobia coming on!

    Anyway, cross fingers for me tonight. I'm channeling my inner "Jersey Shore" to take on this Italian/Lime Green Endeavor.

    Its all for the pony. Its all for the pony. Its all for the pony. (new mantra).

  9. First off, your friendship with Eva is sooooo damn cute, love it! Reminds me of me and my little sister. Anyhoozle..what are your degrees in may I ask? Just curious that maybe there are other great ideas out there for you.
    AND...NO SHAME in working, no matter what it is. Financial freedom is a beautiful thing. Money is money no matter how you get it, and you never know what connections/people you meet that could lead to something else! :)

  10., Lime Green is Laz's favorite color!! Should I tell him he's a Guidio? ;)

  11. Kristen: aw thanks! I don't think I've met many bffs that have a relationship like Eva and I. I'm super blessed to have her. Not sure my head would be one straight if I didn't. I'm an only child but I certainly consider her my sister.

    My degrees. BA in Poli Sci and Geography (urban planning) and Masters in Public Administration (local govt management). Bor-ing. But I actually find it very interesting. I've been applying for some nonprofit/quasi governmental stuff in the capital city (also home of Eva!).

    I had my first night of training last night. made 40 bucks and left feeling much better about my new job. Yes it sucks, but walking out with cash? was great! and after 4 yrs... I can still wait a table--damn well! As far as connections? YES, maybe I'll meet someone to go on a date with (i've lowered my standards from looking for a bf to looking for a date!).

    PS-- Laz is totally a Guidio, lets teach him to fist pump :)

  12. LOL!!!!!!! Fist pump!
    Money is money is money!! Go get em and there is NO shame in doing a job, any job, WELL. :)