Thursday, July 2, 2009

4x4x4 Beach Trip

Well Well, 18min till 5:00-- productivity is long gone. So I figured I would jot a quick note about my quickly approaching Beach Vacay. 4Girls 4Guys 4Days at Oak Island at the New Man in My Life's Grandmother's Beach House. I cannot wait. Colorado and I have been scheming already of all the fun things we can do while we are there. Flip Cup, getting the Goody2Shoes wasted-face, Wiffle Ball, Man in My Life's Birthday Par-tay... Should be a blasty. I am mostly looking forward to laying on the beach and working on my tan. THIS my friends is when I can appreciate the freedom of a non-horse-owner. Although I miss my boy terribly, I can go on this vacation guilt free knowing that he is at training and I wouldn't be with him anyway. I will, however, miss my baby dog-girl terribly while I am basking in the glorious sunshine. How can you not miss that cute face? Thanksfully D is taking good care of her over the long weekend. Thank god for "daycare".

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