Monday, July 20, 2009

This RollerCoaster of Life keeps on flying...

I didn't go to the farm Friday, I was nearly out of gas and feeling very down (too down to make the drive to visit the horsie...). So I went home and cleaned and did some data entry for work and took a long walk with Daphne. That helped and I was able to settle nicely into my TiVoed episodes of So You Think You Can Dance (Where is So You Think You Can Ride?? Then again, it would probably kick my ass...).

Saturday brought the inevitable. NMML now stands for: No Man in My Life. Things just were not working out for us. This made me very sad as he is the first guy in a long time to have long-term potential. But as we know from our equines, potential is merely that... it is no promise.

Thankfully my best friend was slated to come in town as my friends were throwing me a "Job-a-Palooza" party to celebrate my job offer. I really needed Bestest after such a crappy morning. She arrived in late afternoon and we headed straight to the horse farm. She hadn't seen Granite's new accommodations and I was so pleased that she was VERY impressed with them. Granite proved himself a gentleman as we worked in the round pen on the lunge for his "Auntie" to see. His new fly mask also stood the test of his pasturemate and I was pleased to see that it was still secured on his head when I arrived. Bestest and I had to rush off after only an hour with Granite in order to finish decorating and getting ready for our party.

The party went off without a hitch and it lifted my spirits. I have really great friends (especially my Best Friend & Colorado & Ms. Priss- a girl from my program). Sunday morning was a lazy one, as most are when they follow an evening of celebration. Bestest and I, to our delight, realized that O'Charley's serves Sunday Brunch. Then we went to go see "My Sister's Keeper". I loved the book by Jodi Picoult and for the first time ever, I must say the movie not only lived up to the book, but surpassed it. Three tissues is NOT sufficient, so I recommend that you go see it, but come prepared!

Bestest headed back home to Raleigh and my day went back down. I went to a used book store b/c I just finished one of the most fun and entertaining books that I have read in a long time: "Bitter is the New Black" by Jen Lancaster. I really wanted her next novel "Bright Lights, Big Ass". Go figure, the book store didn't have it, so I ordered it on and will have to wait until next week to get started on it. Her blog is fabulo! Check it out-- although not at all horse related, I love her Whit and blunt humor.

To top off that slight disappointment, I called home. Daddy finally asked me how far in student loan debt I am really. He was not pleased, to say the least when he got the answer. He proceeded to make me feel super guilty about all the money I spend on my animals. I won't be making much at my new job (sadly, b/c I finish my master's in only 4 class hours!) and Daddy thinks I need a part time job (I do too), but this will be difficult considering I have a Tuesday night class, a Saturday class, and must attend night meetings for work about 5 times a month... Money is going to become more a more of a struggle in my near future. Roomie and I are going to sign leases on a new place after work today. The place is less expensive (although not by much) but it is only 15min from the horse and my new job as well as school and D's farm. This is great considering I am 30min from Granite and my new job in our current crap-tastic apartment complex. It will, however, cost a fortune to get out of our current place thanks to Daphne "Destroyer of all things carpet". Thankfully, I was asked to feed the 14 horses at my new farm when the owner goes out of town for the weekend and this will take care of MOST of next months board!!! If I can work this out or maybe some exercise rides, maybe my finances in regards to the horse would be a bit more stable.... < haha, get it? Stable? hehe-- I crack myself up.

That is my weekend in a nut shell, down, up, up, down, down... Life is truly a roller coaster ride.


  1. I'm sorry about the NMML. At least now you're free to look for a sugar daddy...

    I love feeding horses! I feel like I'm a hero in some small way, because they're all so happy to see me.

  2. yes, if anyone has any suggestions on how to find a man that really wants to spend HIS money on MY horse habit- please please tell me!

  3. I don't know where to find a man like that, but if you find one and he has a brother, send him my way. Anyway, stop by my blog. My most recent post might amuse you.