Thursday, July 16, 2009


So NMML(New Man in My Life) did make it to the barn. We went and caught Granite (who was happily munching in his huge green pasture w/ Vino attached to him at the hip). I think NMML was equally afraid of the large bugs of the stinging variety and the large equine toddlers. When I got Granite out of the pasture, I backed him up and moved his hind quarters as instructed by Cynthia to get his mind into work mode. The Barn owner was cleaning stalls so I had to put Granite in the aisle to groom him. I chose to see if he would ground tie... I was right! He stood like a perfect gentleman and didn't even chew his rope as he is accustomed to doing! I was the proudest mama ever! He was even a gentleman for his fly spray which is the behavior that prompted me shipping him off for a month of summer camp. NMML fed him some apple wedges and brushed him a bit. He was none to happy about being there, but didn't complain or gripe about it. So I will take this as a baby step and be excited. I put Granite's fly mask on and popped him back into his field. Did I mention that he has no kicks or bites? I am thrilled with his transition to this new facility! YAY. I am heading to see him after work if it doesn't rain too much. This will be the first time in well over a month that I have had him to myself and I could actually do some ground work and have some mama-baby bonding time... Will let you know how it goes.

In other news. My apartment has gone down the shitter at an alarming rate and the last straw for me was walking out of my apartment this morning to a bad of dirty diapers and seeing a lawn littered with used baby wipes. VOMIT! So being so short on cash due to some car repairs and the $250 increase in board for Granite per month, I am concerned with the cost deposits and Daphne destruction (yes she ate a hole in my carpet last year too... its beginning to look like a trend, or a possible job skill when I kicker her out). Either way, we are looking at a new place Monday that is closer to my new job & Granite's farm. I love the floor plan and perhaps its a touch classier than my current residence.

Work(s) are crrrazy as I am leaving them in one and two weeks respectively. I am trying to leave both places as prepared as possible as they were both such wonderful places to work. However, that does mean that I am slammmmmed!

Updates to come...

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  1. Glad last night went so well...apples AND brushing, that is I said provided the relationship keeps moving forward, it'll all grow on him. He'll love the horses because they make you so happy. If not, dump him. I can imagine being with someone long term who wasnt supportive and quasi-involved with my 'kids'..unless of course he's super rich and can just bankroll the 4-leggeds from a distance, in which case, keep him, duh ;)