Thursday, July 30, 2009

Starting to forget what my pony looks like...

I haven't seen Granite since Sunday night. I don't foresee getting to see him again til at least Saturday. I am so sad about it, since he is so young, I always think that he will forget me! I am packing for Saturday's move tonight. Tomorrow, my mother is coming to town and she will be helping me finish packing and start cleaning the old apartment. The movers come early Saturday to take us to our new home! Hopefully, I can go see my boy and show my mother his new farm after we have most of the big stuff moved in. My mom has only met my horse once, when I was recovering from surgery and it was raining and muddy and she certainly didn't get to see his personality. I really mom has a chance to get to really know him this weekend, but it is going to be crazy busy, so who know! I will update you on the moving progress on how Mom and Granite get along.


  1. You GOT to make time girl! Farm is SOOOOO close now and Sandy needs to Gman in his new digs!! Love you!