Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Outer Banks-tastic Weekend, Someone's gotta pay taxes around here & Granite's Big Move... aka the saga of Rachel's life continues

Sooo much to share with you!

Friday my friend Hannah and I headed to my parents house and the lovely land in which I was born and raised, the Outer Banks of NC. Home sweet home. We took of after work at around 5:30 and drove the arduous 5 hours to my folk's house. My poor mother had oral surgery that day so she was in LaLa land but was obviously so excited for the arrival of "her girls" (myself and the dog of course).

We got up the next morning and hit the Sand after a delicious breakfast of homemade muffins and fresh mixed fruit (Jesus, why did I EVER think moving away from home was a good idea?). I got a hella tan in the 3 hours we spend on the beach :) YAY tanlines! We then headed to watch my little protege ride! I used to babysit this little girl and she adored me (perhaps says something about her character... questionable judgement much?). Anyway, this child is 16 now! Holy Monkeys, am I getting old?! I watched her ride the standardbred she is rehabbing and she did a stunning job. It is really nice to see someone so passionate about horses, I thought there were few of those children left (she has never owned a horse in her 12 years of riding and rides whatever she can get her hands on and works off lessons!). After watching her ride, Hannah and I headed back to my parent's house. We had steamed shrimp and beer on the back porch w/ Daddy (Really Rachel? leaving was a BAD choice). Then I took a nap on the hammock in the shade before being fed hamburgers, potato salad & pasta salad. To put a cherry on the evening, Daddy took us on a sunset booze cruise. I am not sure if I or Daphne enjoyed it more...

Hannah and I then got dressed and went to the bar with an old High School boyfriend of mine (who is still soooo hot! If I were single....) So saturday was pretty freakin frappin awesome....

Sunday Mom took me shopping b/c (get ready for BIG news....) I had a interview with the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem & the Manager of Oak Ridge for the job I applied for. I needed to find a shirt to wear w/ my black pencil skirt. I found a cute pink shirt. We got home and we were welcomed by my lovely puppy and a hole in the front door AND chunks of carpet, padding, and wood, as well as door mat ripped to bits around the sliding glass door. I don't think the pup will be welcomed back at her Grandparent's house any time soon... OPS. So, yea, we ate lunch and split considering we had done quite enough damage.

Yesterday was a biggg day in the world of Rachel & Granite. I had a meeting (the aforementioned one in Oak Ridge) at 11am. Well, the "interview" was actually...waiiiit for it.... A JOB OFFER!!!!!!!!! Yes folks, I (one of the few out of my group of cohorts) will be paying taxes and am entered into the State Retirement Fund! WAHOOOO. My very first "big girl job" w/ a salary and benefits working in a Local Government using my degrees! This means I will take over my health insurance and will officially be 100% financially independent :) I am so stoked albeit scared to bits. I start August 3rd, which means these next three weeks will be insanity finding a replacement & training them for my Part Time job all the while completing my internship hours and projects before I leave my internship on July 31st. I think my life is about to begin...

As if this wasn't a big enough day, Granite came back from the trainers and moved into his new Farm... Lil' Aspen Farm. He did great on the ride over and was fairly calm about the situation. His trainer walked him around for a while then we let him into his new pasture after showing him the perimeter. I had always thought you should introduce them into the herd more slowly and over a few days, but we put him straight out with his 2 new pasture mates. They hit it off beautifully. No kicks or bites! The other 2 year old he is out with is in L-O-V-E with Granite. The 6 year old draft cross couldn't care less. The pasture is HUGE and is about 80% vinyl fencing with a super run-in and some woods too. The tack room is nice and clean and organized and the barn is well kept, yet relaxed. I think we may be really happy here. Here are some pics of the barn and pastures and Granite with his new bff, Vino.


  1. Nice new digs Granite! The part about your destructive pooch made me laugh. Stella ate a hole in my parents linoleum tile floor when I left her there to go to Africa. Way to go Stella B.

  2. Yea- one psychotic pup for sale... I often threaten using "Craig's List" instead of "Bad Girl"