Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Boy, Meet Horse...

Yes, my friends, you made a correct infrance when you determined that this title must mean that the New Man in My Life had (begrudgingly) agreed to meet my favorite Equine this evening! He is not happy about it, mind you, but he has yet to back out, so I am taking what I can get and running with it! He is meeting me at my house at 5:30 and we will make the 30min treck to the B-arn! YAY. I haven't checked on Granite since his move (late meeting at work last night), so I am anxious to check on him and introduce two of my very favorite boys tonight!
Updates to come...


  1. Hope that goes well. Always a plus if the guy just loves all animals, too. Most guys like that have less issues with sharing the time and attention that your furry family requires.

  2. Awesome!!! My boy is way into the horses now after 2 years of dating, he's even taking his first LESSON next month! It's crazy. If it's the right guy, he'll learn to love Granite and riding because YOU love them so much, I hope it goes well!!! Bring some carrots with you, teach him how to feed treats, curry and brush, give him a job/task to master, guys like that :P

  3. Oh, thanks so much for the advice. He is NOT looking forward to our expedition, but I am so very excited as he has backed out of plans to meet the equine before... We have only been together about 3 months, and he makes no attempt to hide his disinterest in my critters (although despite Dog biting him in the face, he still tolerates her- so give credit where it is due).