Friday, March 12, 2010

Boots: Highs and Woes

Well, I let you all know in my Sunday Funday post that my Ariat Paddock boots had been sent to be rehabbed and that my Brand New Field Boots had busted after just one ride. Well, today in the mail, I received a box that looked and sounded suspiciously like boots. Hmm, I thought, these boots were supposed to take 3-4 weeks to be refurrbed, this can't be good. It wasn't. I opened up the box and saw a note saying that the stitching that had come apart could not be repaired. 
Usually, I'd be pretty bummed out by this. But, Ms. Apply let me borrow some of her slightly used Ariats that she recently purchased off of ebay. They fit perfectly and she let me buy them for $46. That was cheaper than getting my old ones repaired, but I had already sent them and thought having 2 pairs would never hurt. But, now I guess I just saved the $60 it would have cost to have mine fixed. Only problem is-- my 1/2 chaps are brown! So I look like a retard, but they are in good shape (they are Ariat also, and I got a killer close-out deal on them) and I don't foresee myself replacing them simply because they no longer match my boots. Sigh, thus is the life of a poor kid.

The good news? The AHhhhhmazing folks at Horse & Rider, Inc. (seriously, I am NOT a big spender, yet they still constantly bend over backwards to help me!), just called me and told me they got a new pair of boots in for me! That took less than a week! I am starting to think I will just bring Granite to the Oak Ridge Show and not take him in a halter class, but I had hoped to get the boots before the show regardless. But, I got them in one week! Nicole and Lynn over at Horse & Rider are like tack and apparel super heroes! My only fear is that, if these boots broke after 1 ride (I spent $271 on them), what happens if they break after 15 or 20 rides? At that point, they are worn enough to probably not merit a manufacturer return like these did, but I still don't think 15 rides is worth $271... So, I am a little less thrilled about getting replacement boots then one would expect. Ahhhh! Why are boots such a difficult thing for me. In "real life" shoe shopping is my favorite b/c they ALWAYS fit and I never feel fat! Riding boots? Different story!

And an update on the riding lesson? Didn't happen :( Ms. Apple did say that I could go ride Chance this weekend while she and the clients were at the horse show in Raleigh. I think we are going to re-schedule for Monday the 22nd. I think this is the 4th lesson she and I have had to cancel due to weather. I'm starting to think she just doesn't want to be my teacher. But she is so nice to me and I really really want to train with her (She has a great reputation and her students are very solid and successful riders).

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  1. Hopefully you just got an off pair and the new set will work out better. Fingers crossed for you.

    I'm going to need new tall boots (unless my now-muscly calves magically slim down), and I'm absolutely not getting back zippers. That just sounds like a problem waiting to happen.