Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doing an UnRain Dance

UPDATE: Its 3pm and still no rain (VERY overcast and threatening to rain at any moment). Come on Sky, hold out for 3 more hours!!! I hope I have something to update you about tonight. Aiiieeee! I am nervous and excited!

yep, its attractive, you should be here.

JK, only sort of. I have my lesson scheduled for tomorrow after work (gotta make a slight detour to get my saddle from my barn-- I try to avoid leaving it in the truck... but....wait for it.... the streak is gone! I guess enough cleaning and drying it out worked. The pommel is still slightly discolored). But, we are forecasted for rain! After a week of perfect weather, tomorrow we are supposed to get thunderstorms. But Rachel, you say, Applewood has an indoor, whats the problem? Well its kind of 'bubble of doom'  (maybe dome of doom) style. If the rain is falling heavily, its going to make too much noise to have a productive lesson. So, I told Ms. Apple I would expect to be there unless I heard otherwise. So cross your collective fingers for light rain! And, I chose Chance. Thanks for all of the great points on both sides of the 'who to choose' question.

In other news, I had my organizational meeting for my new 4-H Equine Team last night. It seems that I have 7 members. 4 senior members and 3 junior members. I have really involved parents. It appears that almost all of the kids have horses, if not parents that own farms (3 that I know of). So we have a plethora of resources within the group. Most importantly the kids seem to be very motivated and competitive. When they filled out their interest cards, 5 of them checked that they were interested in EVERY ACTIVITY that the 4-H horse program offers. We have missed the deadlines for 3 of the most competitive activities, but the 4th is coming up in about a month and a half. And? My kids want to compete! So, we are now meeting at least once a week and one of their farms to prepare. The activity is horse judging. I'll do an entire post on the rules and the process at some point in the near future, because god knows, I'll be consumed by horse judging until April 17th... wish us luck!

I'll update you all on my lesson, assuming I have one.


  1. Your rain is coming here on Sat and I have no indoor so I am really going to be out of lunch :( I hope that you can still have your lesson though because it would stink to not be able to ride! As for your 4-h kids...that is great! I hope they kick butt and take names!

  2. Ugh, we are having rain today-saturday... just great :( I haven't seen my horse since Sunday, I wanted to spend all evening tomorrow and all weekend with the big guy (Granite's farm doesnt have an indoor)...

    Thanks for the luck with my 4-Hers! The guy for whom I rode (AQHA) in High School used to tell me the SAME thing before each show; except perhaps with a few more expletives.

  3. I am sending positive thoughts your way that rain does not hamper your lesson!! Looking forward to hearing how it went.

    And best of luck with your 4-Hers! Sounds like a great bunch.

  4. Woohoo horse judging! I was really good at that for some bizarre reason.

    Here's hoping the rain holds off.