Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home Sweet OBX

Warning: Relatively Non-Horsey Post; my apologies.

I'm going home after work tomorrow. After 6 years of living 'on my own', I still can't figure out how to say "I'm going to my parents' house". Its still my home! I haven't seen the family (I'm an only child, so I have always been super close with mom and daddy) in 3 months and I miss them. I also miss the flat land of the coastal plain, the salt air off of the ocean, and the sunsets over the sound (which happens to be 'my' back yard!).
For your viewing pleasure... some photos to help you know why I love home so so very much.

This is the view from my parent's back deck

A different night; same beautiful sight.

Out on my Dad's boat (sheesh I look fat-- lets hope this summer's version will be more pleasant)

Me on another booze cruise!

My parents adore my dog. Can you see her shirt "I am the Grandchild"

She equally adores them AND playing with all things nautical.

Like mother, like daughter.

Grandpa's little PUPkin.

So, I will be absent from the bloggy world and the barn for the weekend. I took monday off as well, because its a 5 hour drive back to reality and I hope to schedule a riding lesson and my 4-H Judging Team has practice monday night. I will update you then. I will also continue my lobbying efforts for a new digital for my birthday :)



  1. have fun that is so beautiful! and I swear our dogs could be sisters. I will have to post some pictures of Stella.

  2. what breed is stella. i really hope there are not multiple daphnes in the world. shes the worst dog on earth (and i love her so!).

  3. yeah Stella is a possible Catahoula possible aussie. so... an aussie hound mix. :) She is red Merle though. Expression, size, shape, and face so similar. Spooky.

  4. Looks like a great place to go home to.

  5. There is an award for you at my blog. You needn’t play if you’ve already received this. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate your blog and have linked to it at:

  6. Thanks everyone! I had a blast. 70s and sunny all weekend! I got my hair cut, went to some thrift shops for spring clothes (TOLD you I'm broke!), had lunch with my mom on the water-front, daddy washed and vacuumed my car for me (got to Looove Daddies), went for a shell hunt on the beach, did a 5.5 mile run in on the flat flat land!, and generally got some relaxation taken care of!