Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What to do with a snow day?

Well, it wasn't a snow "day" it was a snow hour and a half. They were calling for some 'winter weather' and up to an inch of accumulation starting at around 6pm tonight. Well, by 3pm my boss realized that there was over an inch on the ground and that the roads were getting pretty bad, so he sent me home. I decided that going to the barn was probably a bad idea; getting home alive was a good idea. So I picked up Daphne from 'daycare' and headed back to the apartment. I usually get home around 6:30 or 7 when I don't have anything going on after work (just the barn), so getting home by 4 was strange.

I looked around confused for a while then decided that tonight was the perfect opportunity to play with my pilaties kit that came in the mail yesterday. It was $25 on ebay and included the big ball, 3 resistance bands, a mat, and a dvd. The DVD ended up pretty being pretty lame, so I used the little workout chart and did about 35 minutes of 'pilaties' work (I'm not sure I'm doing this right, I actually fell OFF the damn ball a couple of times).

OK, so then what? If you haven't ascertained this information yet, I'll let you know that I'm not good at relaxing. So, I decided that I would take the opportunity to clean some leather. Nothing says snow day like leather cleaning (eh, hot cocoa and movies may also say snow day). I went downstairs to get my pilaties kit earlier and the snow got into my car trunk and onto my saddle! The saddle has had to ride around with me a bit lately because I have been riding at Applewood. So, snow and the Bates... BAD COMBO! I brought the saddle upstairs to clean it and I removed the cover to find this--
SADDLE DISASTER! I literally want to cry right now. See not only the darkened line down the right flap but also the discoloration on the pommel. I adore my Bates. Have I told you the story of this saddle? Short version (for you new followers) goes like this: D follows Craig's List on the regular (she found Granite's ad on the List of Craig). She found an ad for an English Saddle and for some reason drove out that day to check it out. She arrived to a barely used (we are guessing less than a 1/2 dozen rides) Bates Caprilli Close Contact saddle with Sprenger (flexi) stirrups and Prestige leathers. It also includes a full changeable gullet system and Cair air panels. It is the lazy boy of saddles and I feel so rock solid when I ride it. I don't remember what D paid for the saddle, but I bought it from her for a VERY slight markup, for a grand total of $450!!! For all of it! So I basically get to ride a saddle worth as much as a horse. It is my most prized possession (other than Granite). My other 'ride' is a Collegiate Equilibrium by Tad Coffin. I know, its a collegiate, but I adore that thing too and I won't ever be getting rid of that either. It has a sweet spot and is like the Traveling Pants, it seems to fit nearly every horse I put in on.

So, I'm pretty upset about my saddle discoloration. I cleaned it, but there is no change. I guess I should try oiling, but its a Newmarket colored light saddle and I hate to have to darken it. I also cleaned my graduation field boots and my poor poor paddocks that are on their last leg. I'm sending them off to be refurbished tomorrow. It is supposed to take 3-4 weeks, but I figure if they can get me another year or two out of them, then it will be worth the $60 to refurb. I took "before" pics, so I will share the progress when I get them back and have "after" photos to share with you.

And now, I'm blogging. I think I will attempt to spend my last hour or so watching The Biggest Loser and having some wine. Granite has a vet appointment tomorrow for spring shots and possible (read: probable) teeth float. We have it scheduled for 9am and with the snow, I'm not positive that we will still be on for the morning, but cross your fingers he does well. I am nervous about having to have him sedated if he needs his teeth done. I'll keep you all updated.

Cheers my friends :)


  1. Ugh tough one. I hate the first time you soil the beautiful saddle. It is such a horrible feeling but unavoidable in this business. I still remember the first ding on my new dressage saddle and cringe. I offer no advise just some commiserating.

  2. Ugh!! Awful!! What a bummer! There might be some conditioners you could try that wouldn't darken the leather but might help with the stain. Or maybe let it sit by a window in the sun? Your poor saddle... that sucks. I bet if nothing else though, it will fade over time.

  3. It's sad about your saddle. Your leg is going to cover it, right? No one will know but you. :-)

    BTW, I was wondering if you heard anything about your friend's sister in Chile??

  4. wolfie-

    My sister was able to get us a message that she is ok, and now trying to get back to her host family once the roads are opened and public transportation is back up :)

    thanks for asking!

  5. Thanks for the sympathy guys. I am so mad at myself. This is all the more reason that I need a truck and not a silly 2 door car. I hate having my saddle in the trunk. It rode back to the barn today in the front seat, where she belongs!

  6. Ugh. Poor saddle.

    Still, it shouldn't show too much when you're riding and it was a steal of a deal. I'm impressed.