Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gettin' his hair did

Hello Daylight savings time, I have missed you so much!
It's 7:30 and the sun is beginning to set. YAY!
After going on a wonderful 5 mile jog with the pup, She and I headed out to the barn. It was a bit too chilly for Granite's first bath of the year, but it was the perfect afternoon for mane pulling. Mane pulling has always been one of my least favorite tasks but pulling a 3 year old's mane is even less fun.
Can we all lobby my parents for a camera for my birthday? Until then you get more blurry blackberry pictures:

We had to take a few grass breaks to maintain my patience and his sanity.

Impatient much Granite? Chew, Chew, Chew (note Daphne waiting patiently).

The finished product! Doesn't he look sharp?


  1. Very nice! I wish I could do half as good a job!

  2. Very snazzy! Shows off all those pretty dapples so nicely! I just love this guy. I can't wait to see how he turns out.

  3. Thanks! Perhaps I should pull manes as a side job...

    Marissa, we will get to see how he turns out oh so shortly! He starts under saddle in a couple of weeks! Yahooo!

  4. He does look great! I am very impressed. I am a sucker for long manes though. I swear I cried when Phoenix got his mane pulled for the first time. The little bugger LOVES getting it done now though because I give him cookies intermittently throughout the whole process. Nothing like random reinforcement.

  5. Handsome boy! I need to learn how to do that -I love that look.

  6. Beautious!! :) Come pull Laz's mane, puh lease!

  7. OnTheBit: Oh I HATE Long manes. I should post some pics from when I first brought Granite home! I pulled it IMMEDIATELY :)

    Kristen: you buy the plane ticket and I'll pull it for free! hehe.

  8. It looks great - you did a wonderful job. And so quickly! It really shows off his neck and colouring. While you prefer short, I just LOVE long manes. I can't wait for Gem's to grow out. :-)

  9. Nicely done! I'm with you. I love tidy short manes unless I'm riding a goofy horse and need a big handle. Izzy's mane is about half pulled right now... it's even, but it's a couple inches too long. Granite looks so good.

    If I had a second camera, I'd send it to you.