Monday, March 8, 2010


The question I pose to you this afternoon?

Who to ride?

I have a LESSON scheduled at Applewood on Thursday evening. I am so excited and nervous. I haven't had a formal riding lesson in about a year. I am only doing a 30 minute lesson because I don't want to waste the time and money when I am not strong enough to function for 1 hour or hard in-the-saddle work.

I was asked if I would prefer to ride Chance or Jackson.

I have ridden Jackson once. He took his rider to "Best Child Rider on a Horse". He is pretty much point and click. He is for sale. Big TB. He is a puppy dog and I really enjoy him.

Then there is Chance. I have bonded with him in our 1/2 dozen rides over the past month. He has some straightness issues and tends to be a bit spooky. He is also for sale (for 26K less) and I have an honest interest in finding a perfect owner for him. He is talented and deserves to show off his talents.

I lean toward riding Chance so that Ms. Apple can help me work through some of his issues and so that I can continue using those techniques during our schooling session and, hopefully, inevitably put him in a better position for sale. Perhaps even work towards showing him one day (with a For Sale sign around his neck).

BUT, I can concentrate on myself if I ride Jackson. Ms. Apple can spend the time working on my position faults and not worry about identifying and adjusting to issues with the horse.

SO, shes waiting on an answer... Whatcha got?


  1. I say Jackson only because the ability to focus on yourself is going to help you out on any horse you ride, where is going with Chance means you will be fixing the problems that the two of you have together. Either way I think you are going to have fun!

  2. Man that is a hard one... If you want to practice trouble shooting go with chance, if you want to work on your position, confidence and skills go with Jackson. You can always take what you learn in your lesson and try it with Chance later...

  3. I think I'm too late, but I vote Chance. He's good enough that you can work on yourself while getting ideas for working with him.

  4. you arent too late Sprinkler.
    I figure I will email her tomorrow after I have some time to get opinions and think it over myself.

    I dont get many lesson opportunities (time and money don't cross paths). So I want to make sure I utilize the ones I get to the very fullest.

    Thanks for the help everyone. You all are perfect!

  5. You all??? excuse me? aren't you from the south? Never again do I want to see that in your blog ;)

  6. I vote for Chance, if you can get some insight into his issues, then you can help make him better and therefore hopefully make him more attractive to a better buyer/rider which could mean a happier, better home for him. You'll learn something new either way but I like to take a lesson or two on all my project horses (like Irish) to make sure I'm focusing on the right stuff and solving it in the right way. Once you're stronger, then maybe hit up Jackson so you can take the full hour and have a blast knowing you'll get the most fun out of the time on such a nice horse :) My 2 cents!!! Hee hee!

  7. My vote is for Chance! You can always work on "you" some other time but right now you need help with him.... either way let us know how it goes!