Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday was a much better day...

Granite finally put his thinking cap on Sunday morning! He was actually getting the point of me leading him from his shoulder. He is still having problems stopping when I stop, but he is getting it. We made progress and I was really proud of him.

Then I headed out to Applewood. to ride Chance. It was so windy. I thought I was back home on the coast. We started out in the outdoor arena.

His buddy in the pasture was calling for him and the tall pines were squeaking and bending. He walked around nicely, but when my friend Ari brought her mare, Mayday, down to the arena, Chance really wanted to get spooky.
He wasn't being a jerk, but he was being a thoroughbred. Heck, I think even a 'steady eddy' may have gotten a little nervous in that kind of wind.
I wore my graduation field boots for the first time today! I figure that I need to break them in at some point. I am sending my Ariat Paddock boots to be refurrbed (that story for another post) next week, so its time to get used to the tall boots. OUCH! And apparently running more often has resulted in fatter calves... sometimes I think this wold is playing one cruel joke on me!

So, I finally brought Chance up to the indoor arena. It was squeaking so much, I think I spooked a few times. It was tough because with my weak, weak ankles and the tall boots and Mr. Spooky McSpookster made it impossible for me to ride for too long before my right ankle gave out (I couldn't walk around at ease or circle my ankle for any relief bc of all of those factors). This getting back into shape stuff sucks! I just want to be able to ride and accomplish things without the physical set backs getting in the way... *sigh*.

PS: I may or may not be (hint- the answer is may) falling in love with Chance. He is such a fun and honest guy. He is rarely noted as special in his plain brown wrapper at this fancy show barn, but he has a heart of gold.


  1. The boots look great! And I know a thing or two about plain brown wrappers and they can hold some pretty amazing things!

  2. Thanks! They are def. not fancy, but I am stoked to own a pair that fit (at least as long as my calves don't continue to expand).

    Chance is so super cute! if I had unlimited time and money (or at least a healthy chunk more of each), he would come home with me!

  3. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. Good luck with your boy Granite. Great name and I absolutely love grays of any shade. And enjoy Chance; he is beautiful too.

    It has been a long, long, long time since I wore tall boots. I had one weak ankle that would begin to quiver after awhile and one calf too big that the boots pinched. I hope yours break in and feel comfortable soon.

    Looking forward to following your training with Granite.

  4. I love tall boots. Maybe some day I'll own them again.

    But are you saying that fat calves are thinner than fit calves? Nuts. I was hoping to fit in the old pair.