Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rich to Broke in 5 hours Flat or My Online Shopping Escapades

So, as you know I got my loan money and scholarship today. Well... its funny how many things are suddenly CRITICAL to purchase when your checking account isn't empty. Today I bought books for school. Then I browsed my "To Buy" list that I always keep handy in my planner just in case I forget what I need to purchase when I suddenly win the lottery. I decided that of critical importance were: Woof Wear Brushing Boots (black with pink overlay of course), a Blue brush box so Granite won't share his white hair with everyone at the farm, A economy dressage whip for groundwork practice, and a cheap-o elastic fleece lined girth for Karma since her girth liner is falling apart and her girth is slightly too large (not to mention it belongs to D). Ok, so I feel better at this point. I am thinking 'OK, I'm not a shitty mom, I am finally providing for my long suffering critters.' This ease does not stay with me long. I eat my lunch and then get settled into my desk at my second job when the familiar feeling of a full debit card burning through my wallet approaches. This is only aided by the phone call I receive from the lovely SmartPak Supplement Specialist (really you should ask them if you ever have questions about what to be feeding your horses, she was beyond helpful). After being fully armed with knowledge about just the right supplements for baby Granite... and Karma, who has been doing just fine for the eight years previous to the one in which I owned her. So I furiously log on to find the supplements I need to keep my babies in tip-top shape. For Granite I purchase a bucket of SmartHoof which contains Biotin Omega3 and other things which I can't remember but am certain are imperative to his survival ;) I also get him "SmartVite Maintenance Grass" this is a multivitamin for horses in low work (or none in his case) which get less fortified grain than recommended (the SmartPak rep assured me that you have to feed A LOT of grain to be giving the manufacturer recommended quantity in order to reap the nutritional benifit of the grain). I also got a large bucket of Strongid C 2x for my horsies to share (D will be pleased to hear this, as my 2 won't be using all of hers). Finally I got Karma some of the aforementioned SmartVite EZ Keeper Grass. The more I read about the product the more certain I became that it couldn't hurt for her to have a multivitamin that wouldn't put weight on her. She really doesn't get any grain and I am sure the vitamin will only do good in this case. So $130.00 later... I can go to yoga class feeling Zen about my horses nutrition. Best of all, they charge $7.95 flat rate shipping for all of those heavy containers, and the estimated arrival date is in less than a week :) I think I got a better deal then I could have at a feel mill in this case because I also purchased the discounted "Smart" line. Now my "To Buy" list is significantly shorter and I am feeling more and more confident about Granite's arrival!

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