Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Logging and Olympic Javelin Practice

In order to bring baby Granite home to a safe and happy place. We have to change our 2 pastures into three and consequently build a new shelter. Because this is my fault and I don't pay board in the first place, I volunteered/ was recruited to help in this endeavor. Last night after a delicious meal that I felt guilty about, I bundled up to help Jimenez work out in the field. Thankful we had a flood light because the sun went down about the time that he got the chain saw out. He cut down a tree (I'm not talking a sapling here, this was an actual huge tree) and my job was to move all the limbs into the brush pile. This was complicated by the,at places, ankle deep mud but I managed to move all of the limbs. Throwing the limbs really prepared me for a possible career in olympic javelin throwing if the horse riding and Masters program doesn't work out for me. Jimenez thankfully used the tractor to move the actual tree trunk. Actual logging was taking place. I nearly considered attaching Karma to the log and having her help! Next on our to-do list was to measure for the corners of the new lean-to. This was cake, except all of the squatting up and down really felt like a better workout than I would have been getting at the gym had I not had to work at the farm. Next we got to break out the heavy equipment to dig holes... in my head I am singing the tune to the 'classic' kids movie "I dig dirt, I dig dirt." Anyway, I got to stand on the auger as it chipped away at tree roots to get the holes dug for the corner posts. Then Jimenez instructs me to "put that short post in the hole." His version of short is a post that is about three feet taller than I am. But I certainly was not going to look like I was struggling, so I hauled the sucker up and managed to slam it in the newly dug hole. In the process, I also learned how to operate post diggers, which are about as complicated as chop sticks (which I have never been able to figure out). Sheesh, I am not cut out to be farm help. I just keep thinking that all of this work is to make my baby happy and healthy. On a brighter note, Our Dover package came in yesterday and Baby got his blanket and sheet and Karma got her sheet, saddle pad, and bell boots. WAHOOOOO. Hopefully we will continue to make great progress in the barn building endeavor tonight. Wish me luck :)

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