Sunday, January 11, 2009

Halter- check, Lead Rope- check, Panic Attack- check

D and I got an early start on Saturday. I had printed directions from the farm to the first tack shop, the first to the second, then Raleigh back home. We had a lovely breakfast which Jimenez paid for (!) then we headed to check out our local tack shop. Thankfully we did because not only did I find the most perfect blue bubbles halter with a breakaway strap, but I also got some great advice on a local trainer. I called the trainer today and set up a lesson for next week! After that we were on our way to Raleigh. I battled car sickness the whole way, but unbelievably we did not get lost! There was an extraordinarily helpful sales person there. She fitted me for helmets until we found one seemingly made for my head. It even looked good. Unfortunately the shopping trip was about buying necessities for the baby's arrival and not outfitting myself, but I will definitely be buying that helmet shortly. The next tack store was everything I had hoped for and more. I think I had a dream about this place and then someone made it a reality. It was huge and wonderful. Unfortunately this allowed my brain to go wild about all the things I wanted and needed and couldn't afford and I began thinking what could happen it the baby if I couldn't keep him safe. Then I started freaking out. My chest was tight, I couldn't get my breath, I started to cry... I was having a panic attack. It took about 15minutes and a xanax, but I relaxed enough to find a decent lead rope (which I late found out was equipped with an unnecessary stud chain) and a mineral block. We went home and spend the rest of the night without event.

We got a late start today. Jimenez needed the truck so D and I slept in. I called to schedule a lesson before I went out to the barn. We finally got out to the park and rode for a few hours. It was nice and the horses were OK. I enjoyed the time with Karma. She really is a sweet girl and I cannot wait to see what our new trainer can bring out in her. I know she has so much more potential that I have been able to tap. I came home and did a weight loss yoga DVD that Roomie bought. It was soooo much harder than our Wednesday night yoga class. I have decided that losing 2 pounds a week is my goal and that I would like to be 20lb lighter in 9 more weeks. I am almost scared to create a goal other than 'to be more healthy' but Oprah keeps saying to have to write it down to make it happen. So there it is, in print for all to see... Lets hope my will power is strong. I will be a much better rider if I am lighter. Now I am watching UNC play Wake and hoping that the Heels can get it together soon. The Giants already let me down...

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