Friday, January 16, 2009

Hello Vodka, Its Me Rachel & Thoughts on Tomorrow

Hello sportsfans, and sorry for the delayed post. Life is busy for an expectant mother. I feel like I have been pregnant for 4 months and I'm about to go into labor! Perhaps after tonight's farm work I can legitimately call it labor. We have not much progress on the shelter and its freeeeezing balls outside :( So we are going to have to work hard tomorrow.

I stayed home from work yesterday because I was feeling icky. I then decided (in the evening hours of course) that vodka might help me feel just a touch better. Its funny how you manage to drink much more when others are pouring your drinks. Jimeneze and C.G. were refreshing my beverage throughout the night and I accidently drank 1/2 of my 5th of Absolut. ops. Surprisingly I feel fine today although I think I probably smell like hint-o-alcohol... I'm chewing lots of gum to be on the safe side!

So tomorrow is the big day. Bestest is coming in tonight and we are leaving the farm at 7 to head out to Zebulon to get the baby. It isn't quite a reality for me yet. I think I will spend the ride back in disbelief that the big grey beauty in the trailer belongs to me. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have D and Jimenez to make this dream a reality and that I have Mom and Dad and Bestest supporting me despite the insanity of buying a second horse during Graduate school. I love you guys more than anything. Thank You!

Final note. I just bought a renter's insurance policy today. I purchased it just because it will cover medical expenses if Daphne were to get away from me and actually eat someones face off! The man on the phone informed me that I would promptly be dropped, but oh-well at least it would cover it happening once. Crazy mutt!

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