Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What is in Rice Pudding Anyway? 5 things lovers say that annoy me, and Chronicals of a freezing morning:

I got this 70 calorie creme brule rice pudding made by Jell-o. I like the taste, but what a weird texture. Why do they feel the need to put rice in it? Can't they make the same taste without the rice? I can't decide if its delicious or gross... Whoever invented it must have been really bored in order to say... "hummm wonder what would happen if I made a delicious dessert out of a starchy side dish...?" Rice Pudding: One of the great wonders of the my world.

One to things of more substance. I guess a rant today since we all know how grumpy I am feeling due to swollen glands and a persistent case of tonsillitis.

Five Things that people in "Love" tend to say to that pisses me off and WHY...

5. " He/She would break up with me if________"
-Excellent, let them. Unless you are doing something dishonest or disrespectful, let them leave you. If someone is giving you an ultimatum, chances are you should let them go and choose the other option.

4. "Forever"
-Ok, I'm not THAT cynical. I believe in ever lasting love. I mean, I still love my very first boyfriend, but that doesn't mean that we are suited to be together. People grow and people change as they evolve as individuals. The feelings of love may truly last forever but there are no guarantees that a relationship will. In the not so famous words of some hip hop group whose name currently escapes me "People say that nothing last forever, then what makes love the exception?"

3. " I can't sleep without you by my side"
- sleep is a natural cyclical pattern designed to rejuvenate your body and mind. If one can't sleep (one of the body's most natural reflexes) simply because of the absence of your 'love' you may have a problem. If you are experiencing this, it may be time to reevaluate your codependency and begin to be enough of a whole person on your own that you can have a natural sleep pattern independently. Next thing we know the absence of love may prevent normal bowel movements...sheesh!

2. "I am lost without you"
- Why? I am sure they sell maps for this purpose! Please find yourself. Why would an individual be lost without one other person. Shouldn't one have goals and dreams of one's own? Simply follow them without regard to where your soul mate may be. I understand the desire to build a life together, but a certain amount of building one's own life must take place before melding with that of another's. This is like connecting two walls on crumbling foundations with a sturdy roof--not possible.

1. "You complete me"
- I believe that most of us (at least the lucky ones) were born complete. We are given everything nature intended us to have at birth and in order to be completed one must follow one's dreams and do things that fulfill them personally. No one should ever be incomplete without another person. This diminishes your self worth and makes you less of a person. Never let yourself belong that much to another.

I know, if you know me, you are thinking that this is a completely hypocritical rant. Well it was! I used consider myself unworthy as an individual and I used my relationships to define myself and sometimes even my existence and my future goals. Thankfully, through a year and a half of hard work, tears, questions, and serious self discovery I have come out on the other side grateful for the experience. I now am COMPLETE as an individual, I sleep alone just fine, I am not lost but completely directed by my internal GPS, I won't let anyone make me choose them over a passion, and I hope to find a love that endures forever even if the relationship may not!

Now on to a brief account of this morning, just because it made me laugh. I pulled Granite out of his pasture to eat at around 7:45 this morning. I then went to break ice in water buckets and get a bale of hay for the pasture which I lovingly call the 'preschoolers' or the 2 horses who are not under saddle- granite and kira. Kira bit me (whats new? There is a reason I call her nibblet). Then granite sneezed all over my heavy coat which I had planned to wear to work. I was left with a sweater that was in my car and a decision to purchase a new coat tonight after yoga class and to retire said sneezed on coat to barn duty only.

Hope you didn't mind my schizophrenic blog today... Maybe a more coherent one tomorrow? maybe not...

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