Monday, January 19, 2009

What a Weekend!

First of all, my apologies for my absence. My house misses me too, so don't think you are in this alone. I have only been home for maybe about 6 hours since Friday. Jimenez and I started working on the shelter Friday night, but we ended up spending the majority of our time trying to get H2O of the unfrozen sort into water buckets. We then had to cut plexiglass to put in the slats of our trailer so baby Granite wouldn't freeze before we got him home. I did thoroughly enjoy our trip to the Home Depot however. I learned more about plywood then I ever thought I would. I am not well versed in plywood and how it is made, as well as slightly aware of siding and Barn paint. Bestest and I tried our best to lobby for the shelter to be pained blue with pink trim, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we may be overruled :( Everyone has a dag-on red barn, I think we should be original, but hey thats just me thinking! Bestest and I went home fairly late Friday night and crashed (or at least tried, I know that neither of us got much sleep).

Good Morning Darkness... Saturday morning 5:45am Bestest and I stumble and bumble our ways out to the car. We arrive (to my surprise) to see that D will be joining us on our journey to go get Granite. We ate delicious breakfasts then headed to Zebulon to pick up the Prince. Granite was waiting for us when we arrived and I began showing him his new blanket. Within no time he was wearing his blanket. He was afraid that the blanket may chase him if he walked, so the poor boy stood still in the middle of his stall. We took him out and made him get accustomed to his new outerwear in the round pin. It wasn't long before we decided to try to load him up in the trailer. Granite hopped right onto the trailer with very little coaxing. Since it went so well, we of course decided this was an opportune training moment, so we backed him out and decided to try loading up again. Granite did not like this option however, and made poor Jimenez work with him for another 30min before he finally gave in and jumped on the trailer. Lesson to be learned here is to go with it when a baby loads on the first try unless you actually have John Lyons present at the moment... We got home and let baby adjust for a while before introducing him to the pasture. To make a long (and cold) story short, baby adjusted so well and was happily playing with his new pasture mate and checking out the barn building process by the evening. Bestest and Chase and Jimenez and I spend the rest of the night putting the walls up on the shelter. Tired and cold and still amazed that the big grey baby in the pasture was actually mine, I fell asleep immediately with my head still in Chase's lap.

SUNDAY (and I didn't even get to watch the playoffs :( GO STEEEEELERS tho)
Sunday morning I got up and fed baby, who did wonderful on his first night, Bestest and I then loaded up our cars and headed back to my apartment. We both got showers then she left to go back home :( I headed back out to the farm. I spent the rest of the morning picking the pasture before grooming Karma and preparing her for our first lesson at ToriHope Farm. Once D and I found the place I started tacking up Karma. Karma was all jazzed up. It took us about 20 minutes of warm up and 20 of the lesson for her to finally relax. We worked on bending and softening Karma and we did some small crossrails. Karma did very well and I really enjoyed my new trainer. I have homework to work on bending and use drawreins as well as practice over jumps (which should be easy considering that I don't have a riding ring...) I am now stressed about preparing Karma for our next lesson while continuing to finish the barn in the evenings and starting class this week while working 16hours in the political science office in addition to the hours I have to be at my Part Time job.... Now you may begin to understand the title of my blog and how my life fits together like an intricate puzzle.

All in all, I have to say that this weekend went very smoothly. Granite was a Champion in dealing with the events of the weekend. Bestest and Chase were the biggest helps in barn building. Jimenez is my lifesaver and none of this would be possible without D. I am ready to watch my baby grow and help Karma evolve while I continue to workout and try to be a better equestrian...


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