Friday, January 9, 2009

It doesn't HAVE to be that big of a deal...

So last night I went to S.E.'s for dinner. He made the most lovely pork chop w/ apple raisin chutney and broccoli and garlic cheese mashed potatoes. We had some nice merlot and watched Deception (weird movie btw). I really enjoyed myself except for the nagging feeling of guilt throughout the evening. I think he wants us to be more than friends but I have become so selfish with my time. In my crazy life, free time is a commodity and if I were to burden myself with a boyfriend, I would have to spend my spare time with them instead of out with the girls, relaxing at D's house or at the gym... So even when I meet a great guy, like S.E. for example, I realize that I am not ready to settle down and although it seems appealing for the first few weeks, I always prefer my life of independence and variety... is that so wrong?

Stemming from that... my Foreign Buddy texts me last night saying that he needs me to call him... its about S.E. I am thinking "what on earth can you have to tell me that I don't already know and what business is it of yours anyway?" I call him back this morning and he tells me that S.E. really wants to get with me but doesn't know how to do it... blah...blah...blah. Why do men need to make things into such a big freaking deal? Its simple, S.E. and I are friends. I don't want anything more out of it, so we are just friends. Done deal, what more do I need to make of it? geeze!

On to brighter topics. First off... its Friday! D and I are going to plan a trip to go to tack shops tomorrow since it is going to be raining. We were originally going to go to Danville but because D is feeling adventurous, I think we may try Raleigh. I am really looking forward to it although I am poor and don't trust school to come through with loan money when they should. I guess shipping boots and a halter and lead will have to go on the credit card. I think Granite is wroth debt. I cannot believe the little man is coming home in one week! We have so much to do. Jimenez needs to finish the shelter for him, and I have to give him money before he can buy the tin to do so... Back to the school coming through on time... we shall see! I need to find a trainer whom I can start working with in order to get Granite doing groundwork exercises. I need some more supplies for him, such as the aforementioned and brushes, hay bags, lunge ropes, surcingle, cavasan and other stuff that I may need for baby and don't even know. I also need to figure out which supplements I want to put him on to help him grow to the big beautiful baby I know that he needs to be. I think I am getting more stressed than excited after reviewing everything I lack to bring home the G-man. Thank God I have so much help and encouragement, now I just need a professional on my side!

I will have more for you later.

Oh, good news that I almost forgot. The lifestyle changes I am trying to make (eating better, gym, yoga) are working! I have lost 3 pounds this week. I will be in better riding shape before the spring if it kills me!

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