Monday, January 12, 2009

Dreams come true...

It is looking like the University is not ruining my plans this time! I got an email confirming that I will get my student refund today. That means that I can deliver the final payment for Granite and take him home with me! That may be one of the best days of my life. We will be leaving early (like a big family, me, D, Bestest and Jimenez, Daphne too if I have my way) to go get him so he can have plenty of daylight to get used to his new diggs. I am so sad for taking him away from the only home he has known, but I am thrilled to have him with me. I am worried about what type of leg protection her should be wearing in the trailer. I am concerned about tying him to anything as he is not used to being tied. I have concerns about the weather, about him being integrated into the heard, and about his feet not being in good shape. I can't imagine ever having a child. I feel like waiting all these long 4 months that I am actually going to go into labor on Saturday. The good news is that I have a lesson next week with someone whom I hope will be our new trainer. I will feel so much more ease when I know I have a proven professional to go to with any questions or concerns related to Granite and his care. I am so excited and still cannot believe how close I am to having the two most wonderful horses ever in my possession... There are times in life when it seems that your dreams are lost, but maybe they have just been slightly delayed. When I had to sell the first love of my life, Bonnie, I thought horses may never find their way back into my life, at least not any time soon. 5 years later, here I am finishing my Masters and buying a warmblood yearling! Yes my dreams have arrived with only a 5 year delay! How lucky am I?

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