Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is it the weekend yet?

I think the downfall to yoga is that I find my 'zen place' then come home to reality and suddenly become really cranky. Matty was playing with some leggo like toys and I was trying to watch the Tarheels dominate College of Charleston, but I couldn't see the score or hear the game. Then I had to relinquish the changer to Matty who was determined to not only watch the first episode of the new season of Real World, but also DVR EVERY episode on OUR tv... Sheesh. I guess people don't have an appropriate love for live sports these days.

So I got up this morning only a 1/2 hour late to drag my sleepy and greasy looking self to the gym. This morning's workout seemed so much easier than it has been for the rest of the week. I felt like I should be working harder, but I was still working up quite the sweat, so maybe I will increase the intensity next week and just let it ride for the rest of this week. I am very proud of myself. Oprah and I are both jumping back on the wagon this week. It feels good to be sore. Ironic in that being slightly sore from working out gives you a feeling of strength. Whatever it is it feels great!

Now I am at work. I have a stack on invoices and a red pen in front of me, so that will be my next task. I have to meet S.E. for dinner tonight. I love that I have managed to befriend men who can cook, because we all know that I sure the hell can not! I have no clue what he is making but it involves broccoli because I got a text message the other day asking if I liked it. We will be watching Deception Point, which coincidentally is the name of the Dan Brown book that I am crawling through. Either way, I promised Jimenez that I would watch the new episode of Grey's tonight with him and that excites me. The strange part is that I have a whole hour today with nothing to do. As much as I don't want to, I think I will run home to the apartment and clean up my room and bathroom since it will be late by the time I get home tonight and I am busy all day tomorrow and I hate a messy room on the weekends. It inhibits any ability to relax... So off to work I go. I will let you know how the evening proceeds at a later point.

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